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POD XT Live - Blank Screen and no other buttons lit up

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This seems like a pretty common fault. My PC also doesn't pick it up at all when I plug in the USB. I've had the thing for years and it's just been sitting in it's box wrapped in the original foam so it shouldn't be damaged. 


I originally bought it in the UK and I'm now living in the US. One thing I'm not sure of is can I use the original power supply with a standard UK to US plug adaptor? The original AC adaptor says input 230V and output 9V. I'm no expert but I think the UK's power outlets are about double the voltage. I'm not clear on whether US power (120V) would still be converted to the same voltage required by the Pod or if I need a new adaptor all together?


Any insight would be appreciated!

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You'd need a  power supply designed for use with  U.S. power, which is 120Vac. So the input would be 120Vac and the output would be 9Vac.


I don't know what the plug adapter you're trying to use accomplishes. If it allows you to connect your power supply into a 120Vac US  receptacle, but doesn't convert the voltage to 230Vac required by the supply, it's output will not be correct. It'll be roughly half of the specified 9Vac, which could well explain why the unit doesn't attempt to start up.


I would think that the easiest thing to do would be to purchase a US power adapter for the XT. You could get one from Line 6, ebay, Full Compass and maybe even



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I would just get an adapter for your country.  Ive had various things with adaptors, while some worked, also had some problems.  Always ened up getting the suited one for AU.  Also had some adapters that melted, probably due to voltage issues and while the physical adaption worked, as cbrillow said, probably voltage will be an issue.


they arent that expensive:


maybe have a read of 

but I fear his unit may have had other issues. 


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