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  1. there is a link to support at the top of this page
  2. there is an image in this topic. I have one if it doesn't work as well. https://line6.com/support/topic/32053-sd-card-image-amplifi-75/
  3. try clearing your cache. On a PC it is easy, Microsoft is delete temporary internet files. Chrome is clear browsing History. On Android, it is in settings and somewhere in memory/storage settings.. cant remember the exact settings but essentially it is clearing the temporary data from apps. There might(should!) be a way to do it on Apple crap as well.
  4. bsewart

    MIDI support

    I am not sure, but you might be able to matchup the features/specs of a device that does work, suck as this: https://line6.com/foot-controllers/fbv-shortboard-mkii/ if the wing is a midi controller, then it *should* at least somewhat work, though there may be some things on the Amplifi it cant do, or unused features on the Wing, or both. Maybe a guitar shop could test one out for you. Personally I usually just buy the thing I want to know about and test if it is relatively cheap, and sell it again if it isn't fit. I've had too many people tell me bunk stuff, and I generally learn quite a bit by tinkering with new things. I understand this is financially stupid (I will always be broke.. wonder why?!) and may not be for everyone. Some shops leet you return things that don't work for you as well. It would be good info to have on the forum if you find out one way or the other. Good luck!
  5. There isn't one on the Amplifi
  6. I am fairly sure this would not work. The Amplifi USB port requires drivers on a windows machine, but there would be no way to install drivers on your POD... the USB port wont interact with your POD in any useable way.
  7. did you also install the driver? https://line6.com/software/index.html it is the Line 6 Driver2 Version 1.91 Released 9/12/18
  8. have you updated the amplify with latest firmware from Line 6? Just ruling that out to start with.
  9. Strange as solid state stuff shouldn't need warming up, or what we are describing as warming up.. Also, in my experience, solid state stuff that works sometimes depending on the time it has been running works the opposite way.. the longer it is on the more failures. Usually due to power capacitors bulging or failing. someone wrote somewhere about the MicroSD Card. If I'm remembering correctly, they said that they put in a blank card and were able to firmware update. Seems that most of the Amplifi issues are very similar. Would be nice to get some definite clarification on the issue so we can fix it ourselves, instead of each new person that buys a second hand one or even new one like I did doesn't have to go through all these same steps.
  10. the "idea" of the Amplifi is great, and I am not sure what that something else would be.. for comparable cost, unit space, functionality etc. Seems when they work, owners love them. Wish I had a working one! :-)
  11. The bottom bulging Filter Cap (C7) is an issue. not sure about the protection side of it, but doesn't sound good if it is unprotected
  12. "played up" means to give you some sort of trouble.
  13. While I agree the MicroSD card could be an issue for a lot of the Amplifi owners, I have not seen that they use cheap/crappy cards. Ive seen SanDisk brand, and coming from a data recovery background I know flash memory. These cards are as good as any. One problem Ive seen is the card holder has a small spring latch which breaks. they also glue them in making them a pain to swap out... I wish the "silicone" was too soft as In my experience it has been hard and squeezed through the card holder.. a real PITA I've wondered what would happen if you put in a new blank card, so interesting that you seem to be saying you can put in a FAT card and then it will still let you install firmware. thanks for that.
  14. had plenty of problems with my 75. got it fixed only for it to die the next day. I was so disillusioned from the first experience I haven't had the heart to even get it fixed again, assume it probably is still under warranty. yes it has a MicroSD card, but they use SanDisk, which are fine. possible it is the card. Not sure if you could get an image from someone else and write it to a new card to at least rule that out.
  15. Is the firmware updated to latest? Android needs later firmware to be o the Amplifi. It may fix the OP's issue as well.
  16. I got mine back on Monday. Apparently swapped the mainboard. Seems to be ok, I only had time to try the presets but not USB it to see what firmware, or use app. before that I couldn't use it at all in any mode. definitely contact support, or return and get a working one.
  17. "is out there" is not the same as being readily publicly available. They should be available to service engineers. It is pretty much the standard - Sony, Toshiba, HP, Acer etc all the same. It isnt about proprietry information, as anyone who has the resources to make a fake Line6 amp for example wont be held back by schematics only available to engineers. More about joe bloggs that read a schematic in high school start playing around with their TV and getting electrocuted. While I would love to have all the schematics, I understand why it is not happnin'
  18. If new, better to return it and get a working one.. Or, create a support ticket and get the ball rolling for repair. I got a new one and it is in the "shop" still getting repaired for a similar issue.
  19. I have a bookmark in the bookmark bar that takes me straight to forum. even if it says to sign in, i just click the bookmark again and I usually go straight back showing signed in. (without having to enter creds). These issues are a PITA to track down in code too ;-)
  20. I just bought an Amplifi75. I was browsing around 1am and saw this cool looking amp and what it could do and just bought it there and then. Afterwards I found out they are kinda "old", so I started looking at what would be around now and 2018 "current" that would do similar, be around the same price, and possibly be in a position to get updated app stuff etc. I didn't really find anything that was close that looked any better for the price and all in one unit etc. I am waiting for mine, but I feel a lot better about the purchase after not being able to match it up with anything newer. advice: do your homework and look around for a good price. I saw the 75 mostly around the AU$799 - over $1,000 and then found a store selling for AU$589. The updater shows 2 updates in 2018, not sure about the apps, but looks like it is still being supported by Line6. seen good reviews of the 30 as well. maybe go into a shop and see if you can trial one?
  21. I would just get an adapter for your country. Ive had various things with adaptors, while some worked, also had some problems. Always ened up getting the suited one for AU. Also had some adapters that melted, probably due to voltage issues and while the physical adaption worked, as cbrillow said, probably voltage will be an issue. they arent that expensive: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/line-6-px-2-power-supply https://www.amazon.com/Line-6-PX-2-Power-Supply/dp/B0002PZEGS maybe have a read of but I fear his unit may have had other issues.
  22. For my business? no, I work in IT for Edu. but I have data recovery business that is home. mainly B2B but some of the PC shops or other data recovery labs prefer to send clients irect to me. Thats why I didnt want to focus on the repair centre, as I know these guys usually have been in the business a long time and know their specific field inside and out. It is why we are in the "back room" as we want to get into it without interruptions, and are not limited to 9-5, or distracted by bozos walking in the door every 2 minutes!! :-)
  23. I used to do electronics repair for a popular electronics franchise in a similar fashion so I think for this kind of stuff it is pretty common. I am happy to send it to the back room of a knowledgeable guy. He had tube amps everywhere and schematics, and after I told him the work I used to do we had a long chat. It was obvious he knew what he was doing. He said he had a Helix in, and had not seen many Line6 products come in at all. I don't think larger service centres that you might get a picture of in your mind exist - well not in Adelaide at least, I think they would be out of business in weeks due to overheads. I know in the data recovery industry, a lot of flashy shops with expensive websites don't have a clue when their tools cant just point/click/recover disks and I get a fair bit of flash device recovery from these places. I get down to the physical level and the tools I have and developed myself let me go a lot further than many shops. My lab is not unlike the Yamaha guys ;-)
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