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Using Spdif On Pod Hd Desktop


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Hey guys,


So for months i have been trying to record via spdif dry signal with no luck, i guess due to my lack of knowledge in the area. Cut a long story short...


What im wanting to do is record a wet signal and dry signal. Now the wet signal is coming out of a  miced live amp so no need to worry about that but im also wanting to record the dry signal so later on i can mess around with what tones im happy with.


The problem i have is using the spdif output on the pod, i can not for the life of me find enough information on what the right cable i need for it to connect to my audio interface. The pod has like an rca output for the spdif, and the audio interface i have doesnt have that as an input. 

Someone on a forum suggested using an rca to a 3.5 and plug straight into my mac. Nope that didnt work, after trying to find answers i think the user 'silverhead' said in someone elses post that you need an interface. I bought an interface but still having troubles. 


I then bought an RCA to XLR cable, now i finally have sound but its distorted and buzzy as hell. Either im still using the wrong cable or i need a convertor or some other thing to get rid of this mess sound that its making. 


This is the interface i have


Please tell me what cable i need or anything to get this thing working . Also im using garageband if that makes any difference.


Doing my head in 

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well you need a regular digital spdif cable... RCA to RCA

make sure that the pod is set to 44.1, as i'm pretty sure that's the only format that garageband will work in. (although that could just be the only format it will record analog to, not positive as i use logic x)

i've done what you're trying to do many times.. my interface is a tascam us1800.

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When I wanted to do what you wanted, I went for a cheaper option. SPDIF to analog RCA. Obviously not the quality of digital to digital but surprisingly very acceptable.

I did a search for digital to analog converters and got a cheap one from China about $20. So I went HD500 out digitally to unit and the RCA stereo out to 1/4" jacks.

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Was thinking that but didn't really want to spend $250 +(AUD) for another interface. Looked at yours, it's a sweet one that I should of bought first. Ahwell. I ended buying that coaxial/optical thing cheap for $40(AUD) eBay. See how that goes, if doesn't work I'll be buying another interface. Thanx a lot for your help aswell Itappreciate a lot.

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Your interface doesn't input s/ have ADAT and a Apogee proprietySMUX.

Just make sure if it is possible to select s/pdif on the ADAT in.? If so then you can use that Video RCA 75ohm cable and connect to the device that will convert it to toslink s/pdif.

Actually there might be a converter RCA s/pdif to ADAT you could use.

Other wise what you mention above a  Dtgital  o Analogue (DAC)Converter

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  • 2 months later...

Ideally you'd want an interface capable of 96khz sample rate.

The POD goes this high, might aswell put it to use and pay

the little extra for an interface that operates at that sampling

rate. Personally, I can definitely hear the quality difference

between 48khz and 96khz, think of future proofing too.

The less AD/DA converters in-line, the better.

Something like this perhaps ?

just a random find.


Supports both SPDIF input and output @ 96khz

Coaxial (RCA) and Optical (TosLink).

MAC compatible drivers.


As for your cable. All you need is a single RCA lead

and a 1 dollar BNC adaptor at one end, Done.

Cable quality isn't such a big issue with SPDIF

as the signal is pure digital.

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