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HX Effect, how to adjust levels in expression pedal

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Hi everyone,


I just bought a expression pedal for the HX (a Roland EV-5). I tried to find an answer to my problem searching in the forum and google but couldn't find it.


The issue is that I don't know how to adjust the minimum and maximum levels of the pedal in the HX, when I connected it for first time was working correctly, but this pedal has a volume knob and when I transport it the knob moves a little bit. So now when I put a wahwah for example the minimum level is ok but the maximum level is like 1 and it reaches the real maximum level at about 85%, impossible to use it like this. I can't find on the unit the option to reset the expression pedal or adjust the max and min.


Did anyone have the same problem?


Many thanks!

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It's all found in the "controllers" view. Press the hamburger menu, then choose the controller view. You may need to scroll to find the parameter you want to edit. 


Optionally (easier and quicker IMO), find the effects/parameter in Stomp Mode... then push the related button for the parameter for about 2 seconds and it takes you directly to that parameter in the controller view so you can edit.  

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