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My IR won't load


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HI all,
Received my PC+ yesterday. 

Till yesterday reading everything about it and how to hook it up (got a Helix, Gibson LP and Variax).

Thought that disable the IR in my Helix and using a speaker model in the PC+ would bring me into heaven.


Used my main patch (2204 Line6 mod), disabled the IR and used the vintage and cream speaker. My sound was a kind of a broken radio on AM. Bad.

Some people told me that they only had to adjust a little to have a heavenly sound. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I cannot detect it. Sound is just very bad.

Gibson into Helix, L6 link to PC+ (110 ohm XLR cable)

Tried XLR Helix out, XLR PC+ in. Same sound.


Build a patch from scratch, used the V30 after using high and low cuts.....better sound but not one that I could raven about.


My Marshall .WAV file, which I use in my Helix as an IR together with my L2m of DXR10, is sounding OK.

So I thought to use that .WAV file and put the PC+ in the FRFR mode. Wanted to put this IR into a free slot in my PC+.

That gave me an error: 'Could not load IR'

Huh? Export the IR from my Helix to disk and form disk to the PC+. Same error. My favorite IR is working flawlessly on my Helix but cannot be loaded into the PC+

Someone facing the same problem? IS there a solution?


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Just taken delivery of a PC+ two days ago.


Exact same thing happened with me.

I tried flat mode with my usual IRs engaged for reference (sounded great, just like my L2T) then turned off the IR and tried a few PC speakers.

Inferior sound, not the huge inprovment I was expecting.

I've decided to take my FRFR cab and Powercab to a rehearsal room and create duplicate patches so I can A/B between set-ups and hopefully create improved tones with the PC.


I also loaded some IRs into the PC editor software and thought it would be simplicity itself to load them into the PC.

Half an hour of head scratching later, I gave up.

I must be missing something basic here?...

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slowly getting there.

Using the Mid Gain Monsters IR, adjusting the high & low cuts en all is more to my liking.


But still wondering:


Have the Gibson LP - Dial in the 2204 mod amp, using no IR or CAB and nothing else form the Helix into the PC using the vintage or cream speaker model. Sound = NOK. Strange.... Using the L6 link.


But can hear that my sound is there, just have to adjust en finally I will get there. But hoped it was a simple no brainer to have that rocksound without tweaking. Sadly, not in my case

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Yeah, I'm getting close to where I want to be with the PC but I've had to rework amp settings.

Next stop: midi cable so I can gig with the PC.


Roll on Line 6 link making speaker changes in the PC, hope that happens soon.

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