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  1. I'm gigging a Powercab +. It's just about loud enough to monitor in most gig situations (when used with a good PA system) but NOT loud enough to fill a medium size room and compete with a drummer etc if the band were using back line and a vocal PA only.
  2. Some excellent advice there from all. Thank you, I will take something from each reply. I agree with rvroberts about the Giggity causing potential problems with the input impedance. I have decided to remove it, and start from there. BTW, the Giggity is a great transparent pedal when plugged into a valve amp. It just feels a bit 'wrong' to ramm it in front of a digital device. I will work through my whole signal chain and hopefully solve the mystery. Dunedin Dragon: If you read this, can you let me know if you have your input pad switched to on please? Cheers!
  3. I'm a player who has receintly started playing a humbucker guitar more at gigs (previously Strats and Teles) to broaden my tonal spectrum. Obviously my humbucker equipped Les Paul has a louder output than my Strat with single coils. As a solution, I have added a Voodoo Labs Giggity pedal before the 1/4 inch input of my Helix floor to act as a preamp (VERY slight volume increase) to match the Strat's output to that of the Les Paul. I've noticed some mild digital clipping at the input stage from both guitars now when strumming hard. My questions are: Is it a no-brainer to just turn the Guitar Input Pad to 'ON' to compensate for the louder pickups? Do most humbucker players turn the pad on? If I permanently have the input pad on, do I now have to add additional volume at the output block stage to bring my sounds up to gig volume? (I'm currently gigging with a Line 6 Powercab+) Thanks!
  4. The solution is to make sure midi clock send is set to 'off' as well as Midi PC sent set to 'off'. I tried this and it seems to work now. At last! Thanks for your advice Bobruz.
  5. Thanks Bobruz. I have tried turning off the Midi PC send. Same issue with freezing/lockup. I've updated the Powercab to latest 1.01 version (hoping it was a bug and had been fixed) but no change. I've also messaged the guy who made the above video. He advised the same as you so I tried again. No luck. Damm.
  6. Well, I have to say, I'm not having much luck trying to intergrate this Powercab plus into my live set up. It certainly isn't as simple to use as the Helix itself. I'm a HUGE fan of Line6 gear, but the PC is frustrating the hell out of me. My latest issue is with trying to use midi to change between speakers (switch between 'Cream' and 'Essex' for example). I can't get past the following issue: I connect the midi cable from Helix midi OUT/THRU to Powercab midi IN. This immediately freezes the Powercab (can't change anything with the SELECT dial, change volume etc) and it stays the same until I unplug the midi cable then restart the cab. I've tried following the steps in the video below (looks simple, but nothing happens when I follow the steps) Anyone got any clues or tips please? Does anyone from Line6 use this forum? I've scoured the manual(s) for answers, but I'm lost...
  7. With regard to squeezing more volume after the input stage. Here's a screen shot from the edit software. Speaker level at minus -14 so I can adjust for more volume I guess?
  8. Thanks guys, very helpful advice. I found getting the PC up to head height helps with volume but I'm not convinced it's right for me yet. I will keep using and see if I can make the PC work with my band. I can get some more stage level through my personal (vocal) monitor, but hey, I just hoped the PC had been designed to deliver more output volume for gigging situations.
  9. Ok, I had my first gig with the PC last night. Overall I found the PC slightly lacking in volume (we are not a super loud band, I'd say pretty medium) I have the input gain set so the LED just clips red when I turn on my Clean solo boost and hammer a clean power chord. So basically enough signal going into the PC I'd say. I had the volume up full but did not feel the sound was loud enough. I use a strat with vintage output pickups so I'm not driving the hell out off the input, but I'm sure Im sending enough signal in. My question is this: Is there a way to turn up the volume AFTER the input stage, for example a level control for each speaker model? I know the vol of IRs can be changed in the settings to compensate, but can I turn up the speaker models within the PC? My old on-stage solution was a single Line 6 L2T cab via Line 6 link and that had a LOT more volume.
  10. Yeah, I'm getting close to where I want to be with the PC but I've had to rework amp settings. Next stop: midi cable so I can gig with the PC. Roll on Line 6 link making speaker changes in the PC, hope that happens soon.
  11. This is useful. Good tips on midi but also shows how to add IRs to the PC.
  12. It has long be my opinion that one of the most important considerations when debating guitar tones is the ROOM. This changes from gig to gig, rehearsal to rehearsal, bedroom to bedroom etc... That's all the (unwanted) variation I need to deal with! Interesting idea though.
  13. Just taken delivery of a PC+ two days ago. Exact same thing happened with me. I tried flat mode with my usual IRs engaged for reference (sounded great, just like my L2T) then turned off the IR and tried a few PC speakers. Inferior sound, not the huge inprovment I was expecting. I've decided to take my FRFR cab and Powercab to a rehearsal room and create duplicate patches so I can A/B between set-ups and hopefully create improved tones with the PC. I also loaded some IRs into the PC editor software and thought it would be simplicity itself to load them into the PC. Half an hour of head scratching later, I gave up. I must be missing something basic here?...
  14. If I use the line 6 link out of my Helix floor into a Powercab plus Line 6 link IN, then out the Powercab Line 6 link OUT to my Stagesource L2t, will it split the signal to stereo? Obviously this method would work with two Powercab plus cabs as per the diagram. Just wondered if I could buy a PC+ and Keep my L2t and have stereo?
  15. Pre Helix I always used various Tube Screamers and various Rat pedals. The Helix versions of those boxes are fine enough for me to not need the originals on stage.
  16. Okay, you win the bet. Now, what else would you like to talk about?
  17. Listening to the isolated track above, it's clear that the recording was tracked all over the place. The original post at the begining is not that impressive tone wise. It sounds nothing like Andy Summers. Anyway, this song (Great as it is!) does not demonstrate the classic early Police guitar tone. Anyone with single coils and a clean amp can add a compressor, Electric Mistress and analog delay to get REALLY close to Summers' sound. It's the flanger that is the secret. Sadly the Helix Electric Mistress is terrible, making it difficult to copy Andy's tone convincingly.
  18. It would take about an hour to get right inside the thing, never mind install a replacement speaker!
  19. Second time I've had this problem, so thought I'd share it here. Two days ago I was gigging my Helix and L2T set up, playing a rockabilly gig with my Gretsch Balck Falcon hollow body. Basically, the guitar pushes out some real low-end punch and thump. During the gig I noticed my L2T was distorting and sounded like I'd blown a speaker. Not too drastic, but harsh and farty when I dug in or played hard rhythm. I signaled a guy over and asked how it sounded out front through the PA and he confirmed it was crystal clear so I knew it was an issue with the L2T. When I returned home I plugged my Strat into the same set-up and right away I heard the high frequency driver cutting in and out (muffled sound, bright sound, muffled sound, bright sound...) I've had that problem about a year ago, so I unscrewed the rear panel and carefully pushed the speaker lead clips firmly back into place and made sure the other connectors were pushed home. I plugged back in and all was perfect. I tried my Gretsch and all was cool. Next gig in four days so I seriously hope the driver cutting in/out problem was related to the "blown speaker" sound. Anyone else experienced this?
  20. Update process (mainly the fact that I have to back the whole bloody lot up and re-install). The Harmonic Flanger that sounds nothing like an Electric Mistress. The monophonic pitch shifting. Apart from that, best device ever.
  21. Looks good to me. A cheaper deal for those who don't need the extra fx loops, scribble strips etc. I'd always want the higher end original version, but many may not. For one horrible moment I thought Line 6 had introduced a new, improved version of my (just over) one year old pride and joy!
  22. I use a number of different ways. Obviously with Helix being so versitile with how you can set up your signal path, all options are possible. I have the Hog going through an effects loop and it is switched in/out with a Helix footswitch. I also have the six pre-set footswitch that stores sounds for the Hog.
  23. I use a EHX Hog with my Helix. It works brilliantly for freezing chords, drones etc. I run it through one of the effects loops on Helix.
  24. Some interesting points there. Obviously there is nothing stopping me monitoring onstage in mono but sending a stereo signal to FOH. I just love the sound of stereo behind me onstage, but as mentioned above, this will not translate to the audience so may be a bit of an indulgence. Perhaps I could sell my single L2 and add some money, then look for a Gemini 2 Mission Engineering stereo cab? Or add a second L2? Decisions decisions...
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