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X3 Live Issue With Effects Switches

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I just picked up a X3 Live.  


The effects switches (stomp, mod, delay, comp) do not work.  When you press them, nothing happens.  But you can control the settings (off, on, and edit) from the main control panel (the lights follow along with the panel), the switches do nothing.  The UP & DOWN, TONE 2, and A, B, C, D, and TUNE switches work fine, as does the VOL/WAH.  


Any ideas or fixes?




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Searching could help. e.g. http://line6.com/support/topic/2846-set-up-x3-live-for-a-gig-the-upper-half-works-fine-none-of-the-footswitches-work/ This user had a problem with the entire lower section and fixed it by re-plugging an internal cable that had come loose and that his post indicates accesses each of the lower row of switches, the upper row of switches, and the higher knobs and other controls. Perhaps your cable has lost contact with the second of those regions.


Or, if that turns out not to be the same issue as yours, search for the various threads where people discuss the failure-prone footswitches of the early X3Ls, although I have my doubts they would all fail at the same time, which might make the above suggestion more likely.

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