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  1. I can try that. There is no sound thru the headphone jack either.
  2. Hi, I picked up a Spider II 75w 112 amp at a yard sale ($10, and no way to test it at that time). Powers up, but no sound. I have reset it. Anything else I can try or look for?
  3. FYI... he sold me th HD500 MFX board with amp packs intact. He did mention I might lose them if I updated. he does desktop recoarding to it was too big. He went out and bought a POD (bean). Then loaded the amp packs into it. So he knew. when I called him on it, he said that the packs were $100 so why should he transfer them? I replied, so I can use the unit like I should, with all the software that comes with it and not have to dance around the edges so not to lose them. He later called me back and offered to transfer them, saying he wasn't trying to be dishonest. But at that point I no longer cared. I'm going to do a reset and start over... so that I'm good in my conscious. I really shouldn't complain. I got the unit for $200. Its mint.
  4. I just contacted the seller... He just loaded them into his new HD POD. Unbelievable. Can I still use HD Edit without Monkey or LM?
  5. Hi all. I just picked up a used HD500 (like new). The previous owner loaded two bundles into it. He has unregistered it, and I have registered it. But I have not updated or connected it to Lic. Manager or Monkey. Will I lose the bundles when I connect up to either?
  6. I just picked up a X3 Live. The effects switches (stomp, mod, delay, comp) do not work. When you press them, nothing happens. But you can control the settings (off, on, and edit) from the main control panel (the lights follow along with the panel), the switches do nothing. The UP & DOWN, TONE 2, and A, B, C, D, and TUNE switches work fine, as does the VOL/WAH. Any ideas or fixes? Thanks Joe
  7. Same issue here. My info: OSX Mavericks. All latest L6 drivers and Flash Memory Updated (According to L6 Monkey) Error reads: Ignoring connection to POD X3 Live Device has incompatible driver installed. I have already... Changed ports, changed cables, rebooted several times, re-flashed, and reinstalled L6 apps. Sometimes it transfers the tones across to Gears (3.2.7), sometimes it fails. When it does fail I get: POD X3 Library Error Tone Transfer Failed Reason: (Code 80009000C) MIDI device timed out waiting for a response. (Hint: I am not using a MIDI device) Even weirder... I created a new tone in Gears with my X3 Live plugged in, saved it. It wont load to my X3 Live. The error: Tone Load Unable to Load Tone Reason: (Code 8000A009) Unsupported patch type. I need this fixed...ASAP!
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