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Cannot Install HD300 driver using Win10 64-bit. POD HD300 Editor displays "No Line 6 device connected".

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I was able to use the Line 6 Monkey v1.77 and after installing the driver still it show's, no driver was installed.


I hope someone can help me here. I already reviewed other forums.

I am currently using Win 10 64 bit.

Dell Optiplex 9020 with i5 4th Gen processor.



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We'll, additional troubleshooting done:

- tried it on a Dell netbook with Win10 32-bit (won't detect);

- bought a new USB cable (still);

- restore to factory settings (the usual);

- tried using the Administrator account (the same);

- used the compatibility troubleshooter of Win 10 (no go);


Even if i'm going to reinstall the driver a million times, it would still say "No Devices Connected".

Additional findings in the control panel items: (device is on; USB cable is connected)



Hopefully somebody could help me on this.

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Try to install drivers manually, open device manager, select your hd device, click properties and update drivers, select manualy folder with drivers (x64 ver.) and click update.

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Hi kryhan,


I can't manually install the drivers via Device Manager as the Line 6 POD 300 cannot be detected. There's no unknown device or whatsoever that exists in the DM.

I have actually bought an HD 500 recently, and it was detected on the same PC that i am using. No problem/issues at all. I don't know anymore, it could be a hardware issue that needs to be serviced. :( 

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