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G70 back to G50?

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Has anyone switched back to a G50 after using the G70?


I was an old X2 user. Then I switched to the G90. A few years ago I switched to the G70 so I could shrink my rig down. Ive has most of the same problems everyone else here mentions. Dropouts, dropouts, dropouts. I’ve also powered mine up and all of my saved presets were gone. Twice in 2 years. Names, routing, etc. All gone. Luckily once was at a soundcheck so I could fix the problem and the other was at a rehearsal.


It doesn’t seem as if anything can be done about it so I’m considering going to a G50. Has anyone done that? If so, are the new G50s as glitchy as the G70.


This isn’t a bash Line 6 Thing. I actually dig Line 6 stuff. I run a Helix rack and even have a couple of old M5s. Unfortunately the G70 seems like a turd in the line from everything I’ve read.

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