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  1. We'll have to agree to disagree. A good friend and his business partner bought in to a Line 6 dealership to use the Stagescape system for hire purposes, a very costly exercise about 12ks worth as aI recall. This was approximately 12 months before Yamaha bought Line 6. Once they made the purchase they immediately withdrew support for established Line 6 dealers and changed the requirements to be a dealer. Yamaha said that if they didn't have a storefront they couldn't have access to the equipment at dealer rates and that included spares for the stuff they'd already purchased. As a hire company they didn't need a store front, just a warehousing facility. They sold it all off about 12 months ago, at a significant loss and now use L D Systems stuff. That's what leads me to believe that Yamaha do have the final say with Line 6.
  2. Yamaha have put all the "ball park" presets on their TF range which came out a while after they purchased Line 6. I found the move to it real easy, but it does a whole lot more and the build quality seems good.
  3. It is an ongoing issue for me. I have a client that still hires this mixer and I open it and clean all the ribbon cables and sockets before every hire. This is a 2014 model and it first had the case grounding issue and I did all the mods on post on here way back in time, but still found that the ribbon cable joints oxidise and need cleaning regularly. As I said in my post last March, sell it and get yourself a TF1. Great idea that for me is just not relevant anymore, particularly since Yamaha have no interest in pursuing what is a rival to there range of desks!
  4. I've used G50 for ages. Only time we had problems wa when we used wireless lighting or remote mixer access via an on stage router. Went back to wired lighting and switched the mixer/router to 5Ghz only, problem solved! Get no problems with any other wireless equipment and Line 6 stuff. Also be wary of creating an "antenna farm" in your rack, and if you have a lot of units then maybe look at an antenna distro unit. RF Venue are pricey but great to clean this type of thing up.
  5. I bought a 500 when they first came out, and it's still great. I play live a lot and I bought a JTV as soon as they came out. Alternate tunings and not carrying a truck load of guitars had a really strong appeal. Interestingly I still get other players asking what it is and where'd I get it! As you all say this technology is 20 years old and still not mainstream. My only fear is that it may go the way of the Stagescape as far as Yamahas interest goes. Maybe we sit back and wait for the guys at Line 6 to buy it back a la Steve Jobs with Apple.
  6. I know this is an old thread but the drivers in these things, tops and subs are all Celestion, though you'll struggle to get them from anyone bar a Line 6 dealer. As to torque settings, a main dealer I spoke with said the reason they're given is to stop the screws from tearing out of the wood and plastic, and in his experience has little or nothing to do with sealing. He says the gaskets are so good on these he doesn't change them! Incidentally the torque on the L2 and L3 tops is 33lb ft, he was good enough to tell me that.
  7. I'm going to be selling up at the start of May. I have 4 x L3s and 4 x L3ts complete with Line 6 bags. All in good condition with some small marks from normal use, save one L3t which has some cosmetic damage from an idiot who thought he would help! Speaker works fine and you'd have to have the damage pointed out. Also have an M20D which is flight cased and has acrylic cover. Before I hit eBay etc, I just wondered if there's any interest here? Have the original boxes for all these items, and I'm in the UK.
  8. We run a lot of wireless for our 6 piece band. We had trouble with an ADJ airstream bridge which used to drop our bass players G50 signal, and my G70 walked all over our TF1 link to the iPad. We too changed the TF1 and iPad to operate on 5Ghz and it cured the problem. However I moved to the G70 from a G10 because the G10 took a liking to our drummers IEMs and would not leave that channel for love nor money. Annoying as I preferred the plug in transmitter to the belt pack for sure. Will keep an eye on the forums before I risk the G10s....just in case!!
  9. This problem will re-occur. Unfortunately the connectors go bad about every 6 months. Get a TF1, the build quality is different league, and it has a load of features Yamaha blatantly "bought" when they took over Line 6!! Only thing missing is the L6 Link, but for the reliability I can live with that.
  10. Been using the TF1 for recording just recently. Downside is it won't "talk" to Logic but works easily with, the Yamaha owned Nuendo supplied with the TF1(go figure)! The recordings are way way better from the TF1 than the M20D. I had hedged my bets and held on to the M20D and 4 of each L3ms and L3s, but I'll be taking pictures of these shortly and they'll be up for sale! I don't like the way Yamaha operate, but they do make good gear and there are a lot of features in the TF series that look like they've been taken from the M20D. It's very simple to use even for the novice. Only downside is its footprint but I can live with it!
  11. If you're in the UK there is only one service centre, and they will also supply parts. It's a painful process getting spares or service and they're expensive! E & M Electronics 10 Peverel Drive, Granby Milton Keynes, MK1 1NL +441908375699 I have an L2T that doesn't fire up anymore. Doesn't seem to be any power to the board, so I'd guess at the power supply, but guessing can get expensive real quick. When I rang the service guys they want £150 to diagnose it and if the power supply needs to be replaced then it's another £80 odd pounds for the part. Add shipping and insurance both ways, and your into nearly £300.00. Mine are all out of warranty now too, so I may as well open it up and check it myself.
  12. If you're in the UK message me and I'll do what I can to help. I had a few M20ds as rental items and had to learn how they worked pretty quickly. Pretty much all of them have the same problem with grounding issues. As a temporary fix, and this is not good practice before anyone goes off the deep end, take the Master volume all the way down, then take the gain flat out momentarily on the offending channel. This will sometimes get you through a gig. I take no responsibility for you blowing something if you don't turn the master down!!!
  13. Silverhead is spot on, they are very stable. Mine are up for sale now, but I rate them very highly and am only selling as we've bought a full on array system.
  14. I was using a G50 for a while but swapped to the G10 to get rid of the belt pack. What a mistake. The G50 was solid as a rock and you manually select a known free channel. Initially the G10 worked well but after a couple of months it fell in love with the drummers IEM channel and I can't use it now. I've been looking for a G70 as our there Guitarist uses one, and he's never had any drop outs and we run a lot of wireless. 3 mics, 1 Bass, 1 Guitar, iPad for TF1, and second iPad for ADJ wifi DMX, 2 x IEM systems. G70 has disappeared in Europe now as something in it upset the Germans ,and they reckon it will be 2020 before its reincarnation appears! Looks like I'll be buying another G50 as being tied is a bit of a pain!!
  15. Well as an update I think I have my answer as I finally found a company showing 2 pieces on order, with the addendum to mail for delivery date. The reply I got back was...... "We would like to thank you for visiting and contacting *******! Unfortunately, we are not able to further specify the when this item will be on stock, because our supplier informed us it can till 2020". Now I'm guessing their supplier is Line 6, so I think that says where the "fix" for the G70 is at!!
  16. So no word from Line 6 since April, when the post on here says "we are actively working on resolving this issue as quickly as we can, we cannot guarantee that you will have the units within four weeks". Well it's been 25 weeks now, and I can't find a dealer who has a clue if or when they are getting stock. Is it a case of this unit has been discontinued but nobody wants to say? My G10 is garbage, keeps locking on to the drummers IEMs. Yes I've re-synced 'til I'm blue in the face. Is the G70 coming back or do I need to look to another manufacturer?
  17. You got lucky. I've been trying to get one for weeks and all the UK dealers are saying they don't know when they're coming in! There was an issue with some German telecoms thing and the units were withdrawn, but that was way back in April when Line 6 said they were working on a fix. I love Line 6 gear but their communication when there's an issue leaves a lot to be desired! Come on Line 6 is the G70 coming back or not. If it isn't I can move on!!
  18. I've begun to think that Line 6 get a bit miffed when we do our own thing! Very quick to point out warranty issues. I would think that most of us that attempt these things are aware it's at our own risk. Nice job on the "leftie"!
  19. I too have retired my M20D in favour of the Yamaha TF1. Still using the L3ms and L3s and it sounds great. Go L&R to the first sub then L6 link from there. Loads more options for external effects, monitors and Dante plus expansion/stage boxes over ethernet cable. For smaller venues I'm going to be using LD Sytems Curv 500 TS, as they're lighter and quicker to wire up, and sound awesome!
  20. I would think carefully before purchasing an M20D. Yes it WAS a great unit but for a little more money you can get a product equally as good as the M20D with current updates and support from the manufacturer. Something like the QSC Touchmix with more Auxs, wireless built in etc. Since Yamaha acquired Line 6 it seems they have abandoned the Stagescape as far as development is concerned. There have been plenty of new guitar products arrive and I think that is where their focus will now be. Before Christmas a guy at Andertons told me they had just bought the last stock destined for the UK, and they dropped the price to an eyewatering level for anyone who already had one. They were on eBay secondhand for as much as the cost of a new one at Andertons. I believe you may get £300 for a used one here if you were lucky! I've put mine in the studio and bought a TF1 for live work. Loads of stuff on the TF that seems remarkably similar graphically to the M20D Only thing missing is the virtual stage graphic. I know it's more expensive but t's expandable, and I think it will hold its value better.
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