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  1. Unfortunately I ended up having to replace it with another brand. The G70 always had drop issues and the memory thing was the last straw. Had a G90 for years and it worked flawlessly. The form factor of the G70 would’ve have been perfect if there hadn’t been all the issues. Only piece of Line 6 gear I’ve ever owned that was disappointing.
  2. Same question here plus I’m having an issue on my Control display with percentage showing up every few seconds even when I’m not using my Line 6 Mission spring loaded pedal. Be nice if you could turn the that function off altogether.
  3. Has anyone switched back to a G50 after using the G70? I was an old X2 user. Then I switched to the G90. A few years ago I switched to the G70 so I could shrink my rig down. Ive has most of the same problems everyone else here mentions. Dropouts, dropouts, dropouts. I’ve also powered mine up and all of my saved presets were gone. Twice in 2 years. Names, routing, etc. All gone. Luckily once was at a soundcheck so I could fix the problem and the other was at a rehearsal. It doesn’t seem as if anything can be done about it so I’m considering going to a G50. Has anyone done that? If so, are the new G50s as glitchy as the G70. This isn’t a bash Line 6 Thing. I actually dig Line 6 stuff. I run a Helix rack and even have a couple of old M5s. Unfortunately the G70 seems like a turd in the line from everything I’ve read.
  4. I own a G70 and 3 transmitters. I have 3 “scenes” saved in the receiver with names for what guitar they go with. A few days ago I arrived at a rehearsal, I turned on the receiver and all of those saved settings were gone. Luckily I had time to reprogram them before the rehearsal began and I’ve had no problems since. This happened a few years ago when I first bought the unit. It was new at that time and I thought maybe I had hit a button or something. But this is the exact same thing happening and I did nothing to the unit other than turn it off, pack up my board and turn it back on. Anyone else ever had this happen? It may be time to look at another system. The bummer is I had a G90 for years and it worked flawlessly. Lots of dropouts with the G70 at first but I think it was because I used rechargeable batteries. Regular batteries seem to have fixed that problem but losing my “scenes” randomly is a no go for me. What if it happens at a gig? And yes it is up to date as far as the software.
  5. After hours and hours I think it is a symptom of 4CM along with the Zuul's key input and/or running the NS2 in an X pattern. I am back to old faithful... the NS2 in an X pattern. But the Volume pedal has to be a standalone. Using a volume block w/ an expression yielded the same results as the Zuul. FYI - The Zuul is incredible if you are doing straight up "heavy" stuff. Unfortunately I ride my volume knob alot and it doesn't react well once your volume is below 5. Sticking with the NS2.... again. Not sure why I keep searching. The never ending tone quest.
  6. I run my Helix rack in 4CM. The first effect block in my Helix chain is a volume pedal controlled by an expression pedal. Everything works as it should. Sometimes I even move my Volume block into my amps loop for different effects. Always works well. The one thing I do not care for is the noise gate in the Helix. I own both a Boss NS2 and a Fortin Zuul. If I run either on in my amps effects loop, just before the Helix so it doesn’t cut delay trails I get a weird sound if the Volume block is first in the chain. When I turn it all the way down and tune quietly I hear the gate releasing the hiss from the preamp comes thru. No guitar just the hiss. If I move the volume to the amp fx loop I get a small amount of guitar even when it is at 0. If I remove the volume block and just use an actual volume pedal before the Helix input everything works as it should. Is this a symptom of 4CM? I cannot seem to attach a video so here is a link to my post on Facebook about this. Video is in the comments. https://m.facebook.com/groups/428105950706417?tsid=0.38399223734579757&source=result#!/groups/428105950706417?view=permalink&id=882411878609153&refid=18&_ft_=qid.6527680675409277945%3Amf_story_key.882411878609153%3Atop_level_post_id.882411878609153%3Atl_objid.882411878609153%3Asrc.22&__tn__=-R
  7. Did you try flipping the internal switch on the DVP and reversing the polarity on the Helix for whatever expression you have it plugged into? I know it’s not plug and play but it takes 5 minutes.
  8. I hear ya on the loops. I’ve trued the NS2 in a loop so I could move it around and it was no bueno. The Hush 2x was ok. It was good in the amps loop but in front it was not what I wanted. It cannot be the first thing after the guitar so it had to go after the Helix and It introduce noise. It still didn’t touch the NS2 in the X pattern. I’m just gonna stick with what works for me. If it ain’t broke...
  9. I hear ya. Any rack pre or effects type unit should have one on front and back. Oh well. Small thing really.
  10. My Helix Rack is obviously mounted in a rack. What is the best alternative to use as an alternative input (so as to not have to run a cable to the front of the unit)? One of the loop returns? Or is it just best to use the front input?
  11. That is what #2 is. Path 1 is after the Helix and into the front of the amp. Path 2 is in the loop directly after the amp fx send. I’ve tried the MXR Smart Gate with varying results. I have never tried the ISP. I will try the Hush 2x and post the results. Thank you for the suggestions.
  12. After several hours of testing and recording I ended up back at #2. It has the best noise reduction of all of the options (at least for my purposes). I'm about 95% where I want it to be. I may try a Hush 2x pedal that I have. Just place it in the same spot in the chain and see if it performs any better. But I'm right back where I started for now. Haha. Sometimes you're just used to what you've used for 20 years. Any time I start thinking about something "effecting my tone" I think of how many times I've seen Randy Rhoads listed as having one of the worst guitar tones yet winning the best guitarist all in the same poll. The change in my tone is so slight that it couldn't make it any worse than it already is. Haha. After trying all of the units out there, and I mean all of them, I am happy to be back with the Helix. Especially in 4CM. It works flawlessly and the community surrounding the product is much more my style. Happy riffing everyone.
  13. First off, I am playing modern rock. I like to use a gate on my amp just to keep things quiet for between songs and quick mutes. I am not looking for a hard gate. I have used a Boss NS-2 for years and as much as I try it always ends up in my chain. Maybe I’m just very used to it. I am running my Helix Rack in 4CM. I should probably say that I do use my volume knob for tonal variations which is why I’ve always used the NS2. It does not cut off notes at low volume. In the last week I have tried the Noise Gate in the Helix with 80% success. 1) I tried putting the Gate Block as the first thing in the loop of my amp. I still get a small bit of hiss that I just cannot tweak out. 2) I then tried the NS-2 as I usually run it in an X pattern. Guitar > NS2 in > NS2 send > Helix front input > Helix loop 1 send > front of amp. Then Helix 1/4 out > NS2 return > NS2 out > Helix loop 1 return. This has great best noise reduction but does cause a little tone change. 3) Then I tried Guitar > Helix front input > helix loop 1 send > NS2 in > NS2 send > front of amp. Then Helix 1/4 out > NS2 return > NS2 out > Helix loop 1 return. This has great noise reduction and causes little tone change whether off or on. The only issue is when I use the volume pedal block down to tune (I use and external tuner) I still get hiss when I pluck notes. Not hearing any guitar but you can hear the NS 2 open. I’m not sure why. 4) Lastly I tried the NS2 in the loop only - Guitar > front helix input > loop 1 send > front of amp. Then 1/4 out NS2 in > NS2 Out > loop 1 return. Sounded the same as the gate block. Still a minor hiss. If I could get #3 to work without the gate opening hiss when I tune I would use this as it has the best sound and reduction. Any thoughts? Does anyone have other options or things they use?
  14. You could just push the blue switch in and not invert the polarity on the helix side but then you need to go into controller assign and turn the min value to 100 and the max to 0. I find it’s just easier to flip the switch and invert the polarity on expression 1 in the global settings. Everything then works as expected. I do not get why this works this way but it works
  15. I just tested it as you described but it does not work, at least on my system. For some reason both have to be changed (blue button in and exp inverted) to get it to work. It makes no sense but that is the only way mine will work. The one thing I did find is that it can be a plain TS to TS. It does not have to be TRS to TRS.
  16. I recently was trying to get the Dunlop Volume X to work as an expression pedal for the Helix. I have seen multiple posts about it not working properly and decided to tinker around with it. I think I found a way to make it work (at least it is working for my rig). I am using a TRS-TRS cable out of the DVPX exp out into the Helix exp 1. I removed the bottom plate from the DVP and there is a little blue button near the front of the pedal. I pushed it in. Then on the Helix I inverted the polarity of Exp 1 (where the DVP is plugged in) and it now works as it should. Not sure why, but it works. Bottom plated reinstalled and I'm back at it. Let me know if this works for anyone else.
  17. I just was just trying to get the Dunlop Volume X to work as an expression pedal for the Helix. I found this thread and then I decided to tinkered around. I think I found a way to make it work. At least it is working for my rig. I am using a TRS-TRS cable. I removed the bottom plate from the DVP and there is a little blue button near the front of the pedal. I pushed it in. Then on the Helix I inverted the polarity of Exp 1 (where the DVP is plugged in) and it now works as it should. Not sure why, but it works. Bottom plated reinstalled and I'm back at it. Let me know if this works for anyone else.
  18. That is what I figured. I always found it strange that the Kemper Remote could only do 20’ before needing help. Maybe it requires more power. Who knows? Thank you for the replies.
  19. I just purchased a Helix Rack/Control. I previously own the regular Helix but the Rack just works better with my set up. I also own a Kemper. I know that with the Kemper you have to add a POE Injector if your Cat 5 cable is longer than 20’. Is that necessary or has anyone run it to the need for this device?
  20. I finally tried the LLS. It dropped the signal from the amp's loop too low. Had to bump up the level on my amp's loop to make the Helix match the volume of the amp without the loop. Not worth gaining an extra internal loop on the Helix. I'm back to running it the original way I had it. All good. It still would be nice if there was a way Line 6 could make Loop 1 splittable so you could make the send Inst Level and the Return Line Level. That way us 4CM users wouldn't lose an internal loop if our amp's loop is Line Level. It a very small thing though. Overall the Helix has been incredible. Don't think I've even scratched the surface yet.
  21. After doing some research I think I'm gonna try the Ebtech Line Level Shifter. I'll post results if I do.
  22. There are 3 pedals I would like to add and I currently can only add 2. Not the end of the world just seeing what my options were if anyone had thoughts.
  23. I am running 4CM and my amp has a line level loop. Because of this I end up having to use 1 more loop than I would if the loop was instrument level. So on the Helix I have... Loop 1 Send set to Inst Level. Goes to the front of the amp Loop 2 Return set to Line Level. From my amp's fx send 1/4" Out is set to Line Level. Going to my amp's fx return Has anyone ever used the Ebtech Line Level Shifter? If I used one I could turn everything back to Inst Level and get loop 2 on the Helix back. It'd be a cool feature on the Helix to be able to split a loop and make the send and return individually selectable for Line or Inst for us 4CM users. For now I think the Ebtech may be my best solution. What's everyone else out there doing in this situation?
  24. I may mic up my cab and set the IR to match that level.
  25. Per both responses I tried the balanced XLR out from the Fryette to the mic in on the Helix and it works great. I did need to lower my amps volume. Since I had the Power Station I thought maybe I'd run the amp a little hotter but it made everything get super compressed. I'm back to running the XTC at 9 o'clock (which is still brutally loud without the PS). I'm using a Ownhammer Bogner 4x12 IRs. Now I just need to figure out if I need to mess with the level of the IR. It comes up as -18dB. Trying to figure out what the right level is for my setup so FOH gets a good signal.
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