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L2. vs L3.


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Hey Everyone:


I did use the search function, but I have a question about these two products in regards to a solution to my helix.


I have an opportunity to purchase either box for about the same price,  Play in rock bands (heavier stuff). 


Has anyone compared these two cabinets side by side? I loved the sound of the L3 but the L2 is a smaller footprint (which I like and I could only try the L3).  for guitar only would I notice a lack of low end/headroom? would it sound the same? sound thin?


I tried the power cab and its very nice but it didn't 'jive' with me. 


Thank you.






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I have both. They are very comparable sound-wise for guitar. You might notice more for the L3 if you send drums and other stuff through it. For guitar, they are pretty comparable. I have a pair of L3t's which are pretty well fixed position wise - i.e., I don't move them much. I got a single L2t for when I want to grab and go - it's much more manageable. I wouldn't want to hoist the L3t's around much if I could avoid it.

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Curious, what was it that didn't suit you with the PowerCab? The PowerCab is a 12" speaker versus the 10" in the L2 and L3. Worth keeping in mind if that is a factor for you. Agree with bsd512, another vote for the L2 for a guitar monitor. I prefer the L2 for monitors and the L3 for mains. The L2 is just easier to transport and setup. It is lighter and more compact, easier to fit on the floor on a crowded stage but still packs plenty of punch. Highly recommend getting the rolling Line6 bags for either one you choose. Makes them infinitely easy to cart around.

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