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POD X3 Live Ambient and Praise and Worship Tone

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Hi Guys,


I know POD X3 Live is very old unit and I guess you might think why did I choose this unit. I had a boss gt8 and trade it with a POD x3 because I can't have a good tone out of it and I have very limited resources on getting some patches online. There's a lot of POD x3 users so I might get some good worship tone settings.


My questions are below:

1. Did I made a good decision trading my boss gt8 to pod x3?

2. Can i have an ambient pad tone on this multi fx? Kindly please share me your patch if that is possible. many thank!

3. Can I run dual delay, like a dotted eight or a quarter delay on same patch running the same time?

Thank you in advance guys.



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I'm in the same boat. I just got a POD XT live. I also want worship tones and especially swells. Lincoln Brewster has them on his website, but it seems the swells are for Line HD. Can those patches be converted to the POD XT live. I'm really new to all of this so I hope that I have the terminology right.


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Afraid there is no portability of patches between these product. 


Take notes on the settings you're using, recreate them in the new unit and save it. 

Make any adjustments from that and save it.


If Gearbox will still run on your computer, you might want to make use of that to save the

original re-creation and the edited versions as needed.  


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