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Sell me on Firehawk 1500


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Hi all, I'm new this forum. 


So I'm looking into get a new amp, but right now it seems like Line 6 has some very good options: Helix, FireHawk 1500, Spider V. (Yes I know the Helix isn't an amp but I'll get to it).


I'm leaning more towards the FireHawk just because my last experience with a Spider didn't go too well. However, after watching videos of the Firehawk and doing some research, it's using some outdated amp models/effects and the distortion doesn't sound too great on it. Do online reviews not do this amp justice or are the effects simply outdated? 


As for the Helix, it seems to be using more updated modeling technology, and even though it isn't an amp per se, I can still use it at home and use it through PA monitors or other speakers at a venue. 


From my understanding, Line 6 is in on the Helix for the long haul, it's just more expensive and doesn't suit the need of having an immediate amp I suppose. 


What are your overall opinions of the FireHawk 1500, and prior to your purchase, if you had to choose, would you go for the Helix instead? 


(As a side, does the FireHawk 1500 have any glaring issues? I've been using a Peavey Vypyr 60W Tube and although it sounds decent, the amp has had so many technical issues that it's been a struggle to play for the last 6 years or so. Only reason I'm switching amps now is because I have the money to do so.) 

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Well I got a Firehawk 1500 recently and am working on understanding how it functions. I do not have a Variax Guitar, using a standard fender Tele. I have a positive attitude so far. There are channels that are for the Variax only but I have not out ruled getting one. I used the AX212 for years and wasn't great at programming it. This one is for me, a motivator, to get me into it. So far, I feel I'm in a new relationship with promise. It is heavy, but so was my "Twin".

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What are your overall opinions of the FireHawk 1500, and prior to your purchase, if you had to choose, would you go for the Helix instead? 


Depends on your wallet size. The FH1500 (I have one) will get the job done and sounds good. It, however, tonewise it is inferior to Helix.

Will the audience notice the difference? Probably not, but any guitar player worth his salt should. 

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Yeah I don't know if I should sell you on it.  To be clear - I LOVE my Firehawk. It does so much beyond what I even ever expected to do with it (for example, the other night I used it to blast the sound of my PS4 while I played an online game) and it does it great. At the time I bought it it had just gone on sale, and I was thinking it was a great way to get an amazing sounding amp with some solid modelling. Since it was flat response, I also considered myself future proofed if I ever finally had the money to get a Helix LT. At the time, getting a straight Helix wasn't something I was tempted to do because I felt I'd still need a flat response speaker, and there weren't any cheap options.


A lot has changed in six months, including the release of the HX Stomp which was much cheaper than a Helix LT but with the same amazing sounds (admittedly though missing some functionality).  


Plus the Firehawk weighs as much as a small house and is largely useless as a gigging option without the $200 bag to go with it and the $270.00 FBV switch. 


The thing is though, if I could have seen the future, I'm not 100% sure I would have made the same decisions. There's a VERY good chance I would have instead bought the  HX Stomp and a Powercab - or a Helix LT and a Powercab. 


Or a Stomp or Helix and a Headrush FRFR. 


It's kind of crazy how much has changed in that time. 


So here's my honest advice - I think the Firehawk 1500 sounds DANG good. The modelling within it was excellently done and they tuned the 1500 to work very well with it. However, if what you as a player want is the absolute best sound possible then I think you should go with something on the HX line and a flat response speaker system of your choosing.


In the long run you'll probably save money, and be happier. 

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