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FBV Express - how to assigning channels?

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Although I actually do enjoy well-written manuals - and I would put Line6 manuals in that category - the ones for the Spider Jam and the FBV Express II are for the most part too technical for me. Well, not so much technical as an avalanche of tech-terminology that the writers clearly expect me to already know. My eyes glaze over. 
       My difficulty is that nowhere can I find how you assign a particular guitar tone on the Jam amp to one of the four foot buttons on the FBV pedal. The pedal is s/hand, and works fine, but the buttons take me to the previous owner's four favourites and I don't know how to change that. Unless I've missed it, neither the Jam's manual nor the FBV's manual explain how you do it. Or they do, but I don't recognise it for what it is.
       I appreciate that the real difficulty is probably me but, if I'm to make any progress, I need a simple plain-language step-by-step explanation. Can anyone help?

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You assign the sound patch to the A B C or D location on the amp, and then switch to each with the FBV's buttons.  Use the 'save' button to access 'save guitar tone'


Most people don't find the L6 manuals very good - you can find plenty of youtube tutorials with a search.

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Despite the best efforts of the Spider Jam manual to, er, 'help' beginners like me, I think I've got the FBV Express pedal configuration thing figured out. I thought I'd run this past you experienced pedal-users just to confirm it.


With 36 User channels available, I was wondering how one goes about allocating the four you like best to the pedal's A, B, C and D foot switches. It took me a couple of days of dreamy, Bohemian, lack-of-sensible-figuring to suddenly realise that I'd misunderstood what it is Line6 wants you to do. The following is what seems to happen with my set-up; please correct me if I'm wrong (or especially if there is a better way).


The first thing is that you don't configure the pedal at all (since you can't). It's all done at the S/Jam amp, and it's simple enough once you understand. Each of the nine User banks on the S/Jam amp has four subsections labeled A, B, C, and D. Thus User bank No.1 has 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D. User bank No.2 has 2A, 2B... etc etc and so on right through to 9A, 9B, 9C and 9D. That gives you the 36 user channels referred to above for me to store guitar tones in.


All the FBV Express pedal does is allow you to access the A, B, C and D options in whichever User bank you've chosen to be in. It's nothing more complicated than that. If you want other guitar tones that you've put in a different User bank, you have to twiddle the big Select knob on the top of the S/Jam amp to move to the other User bank... and then your pedal will access the A, B, C and D options found there. My understanding is that if you have the FBV Shortboard, it allows you to move around the nine User banks – and more besides – without having to go anywhere near the amp yourself.


Note that the pedal only 'sees' guitar tones it finds in the nine User banks, nowhere else. If there's a tone you like that's in the S/Jam's own built-in library of tones, you need to copy it into one of the A, B, C, D channels in one of the nine User banks.


That's how it works for me... is that how it's meant to work?

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