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Spider IV dead, connected input to phones?

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Hello people, I have a question. A few days ago me and my friend were gonna jam a little so I told him to use the Line6 Spider IV 15w that I had borrowed from a friend. When he tried to turn the power on nothing happened. I then discovered that he had connected the telecable from "Guitar input" into the "Phones output" jack. 


Does anybody have any experience with this? I checked the fuse and it looks good, gonna check it with a multimeter in a few hours when I can access one. 


The problem is that I had borrowed this amp from a friend who wants it back so would be good to know if it's completely dead and I'll just have to pay him for it or if I could fix this somehow? I'm used to electronics so changing out a fried component is definitely a possibility but I don't know what to look for.


Thanks in advance,


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Even though there was no actual input, its possible that connecting the amp this way created an electric feedback circuit and burned out components in the input section of the preamp.  The 15 is not a serviceable amp - its very low cost so just an evaluation would cost more than replacing the amp.


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Correct, it's not fixable. Feeding an output back into the input like that will overload the input

circuit. If the input circuit goes, chances are an input circuit trace is burn from a failed component

and the input amp circuit is burned too. Cost of repair would exceed the cost of a replacement amp.



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