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Channel switching blackstar ht 60 mkii


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I know it's a late reply but this question has been asked on just about every amp switching capable product's forum as well as the Blackstar forums and the answer is always crickets...


I found this on a voodoo labs forum that someone got from Blackstar if it still helps anyone.  You can still use an external device to mimic the 2 button FS by putting the amp in external switch mode.  Here's what they had to say about the TRS connections:


EXTERNAL SWITCHING MODE: This mode is intended for people who wish to control the same main features of the amp using an external switching device that connects via the TRS connection of the socket. To switch to External Switching Mode: simply press and hold the Clean Select and Clean Voice switches for 5 seconds. The green LEDs will then flash together to indicate the change of mode. The amplifier will retain this mode, even when switched off, until it is changed back to normal/footswitch mode. Once in External Switching Mode the following settings will apply when a suitable TRS connection is made:

TIP -------- RING ------Channel ---- voice
closed---- closed ----- clean ----- voice 1
closed ---- open ----- clean ----- voice 2
open ----- closed -----OD1 ----- voice 1 or 2 as selected
open ----- open ----- OD2 ----- voice 1 or 2 as selected

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Question: with the Voodoo Lab Control Switcher are you guys using a custom built cable TRS on one end and midi on the other that connects to the muti port? Also what foot switch jack are you plugging into on the Blackstar, 2 button switch or 5 button? I have an HT100 MKII I would like to switch via midi. This post is a ray of sunshine that just might solve my dilemma.

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The instructions to switch to external mode say press and hold the clean select switch and clean voicing switch 5 seconds, is the overdrive on off switch considered the clean select switch, when I press and hold the od button flashes orange a few times? This is the blackstar club 50, im trying to control via the helix thru external amp connection with trs cable.

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