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No sound at all Spider V 120

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I just submitted this to Line6, but thought that I'd reach out to the community.  I got my Spider V 120 less than a month ago.  2 days ago (the last day i played), everything was fine, no problems.  Today, I turn the amp on, I got no sound coming out.  Eventually, I unplugged EVERYTHING and plugged in everything that I had previously, swapped out everything (multiple guitars, multiple cables), plugged in and unplugged the pedal board, plugged in and unplugged my tablet.


I currently have nothing at all plugged in -- amp plugged into the wall (power comes on, i can change presets) and a guitar plugged straight into the amp.  I get no sound at all.  I unplug the guitar and touch the cable (still plugged into the amp) and I get nothing, no clicking noise like you usually get.


Anyone encounter this?  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Ideas?  Bigger shoe than my 11 1/2 EEEE to kick the friggin thing?!?

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Try a set of headphones.   Do you get anything?


Next unplug the headphones and see if the audio comes back.     The 1.05 firmware added phones/line changes that take place when the phones are detected.   Your amp might be in a state where it thinks the phones are plugged in.


You could try:


  1. Plug-in jack 1/4 on your v 120.

  2. Invoke firmware settings by holding “Home” button

  3. Change “Phones Mode” option from Phones to Line.

This would result in the amp using the primary speaker for monitor purposes and send only line level out the phones jack.     You can then try the steps to reverse it back to phones use.


If it's less than a month you might also inquire with the shop on an exchange if you can't get this resolved quickly.

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