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Ux1 Feedback Echo On Garageband

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Getting a weird modulated vibrating echo when playing bass through garageband while use the UX1 as midi input. Problem occurs off and on. Tried different cables and different amps through garageband. Some times happens to guitar as well. Using PodFarm 2.56 and all drivers have been updated

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   Can I just ask a few questions? It's just so I can get an idea of what's going on.


Are you using Pod Farm standalone when recording - and hearing the echo sound through it, or through Garage Band's output?

Is the recorded sound the same - i.e. does it have the echo sound on it?

Are you recording the 'clean' version of your bass/guitar or the 'effected' bass/guitar?


It's interesting that it seems to sometimes happen and sometimes not.


If a clean un-effected version of the bass/guitar sound ok, does the problem still happen if you then apply the Pod Farm plugin to that clean recorded track?


Does the sound sound totally 'different' to any effect might or could it be similar to some effect you could reproduce through Pod Farm?


Look forward to hearing from you. Hopefully someone can help you.


I don't use Garageband or the ux1 but I'll try and help if I can.


God Bless,


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