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Recently took my KB37 out of mothballs after moving for the 2nd time.  Went to install it and apparently its discontinued.  When I run Monkey it says there's a newer driver but when I click on Update Selection it says Monkey will now exit etc but then I'm hit with some failed to launch message which takes me to a Download page which in turn takes me to a page which says, "At this time there is no software that matches your selection."  Running Windows 7 in Bootcamp on a MacPro.  Installed driver is, suggested is  Also I'm having trouble downloading PodFarm 1 or 2 it seems.  Please advise. Thanks

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I actually found a driver someone made for the toneportGX for linux that worked ... It was already 4-5 years old then, so about 6-7 now  .... but that seems to be the future ... linux isnt that hard to make work .... i did a ton of searches and went through lots of developer forums before i found it.   A other thing is, go buy a older computer, and run win 7 ... it´s still used and is the most stable windows to this day 

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