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DT25 best neutral preamp?


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I don’t really need my DT25 anymore cause I use my helix in stereo through PA and I have on stage isolated inears.


I want to keep my amp beside me cause I feel it interact with my guitar. I have better sustain and feedback.


I know that I can desactivate the preamp via midi but by doing so I can’t tweak the global amp sound cause it also desactivate pots.


I don’t plan messin with topology via midi.


so is there an amp model who is more neutral than others?

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Plug into the effects return of the DT from an effects send of the Helix that is before the amp cab model. Obviously, the DT is it's own cab and you'll probably not want to send a cab processed signal to it. That's what I would do. With the Helix you can place an effects send anywhere in the chain.

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Thanks for the answer. I tried sending my helix send to the fx return of my DT and even with the master of the DT almost closed the sound is loud as hell.


For now I use the headphone jack of the helix to the fx return of the DT so I can control the volume with the headphone pot. I know it’s not the best way cause I send IRs and left side fx to the amp but since I don’t really hear the amp it does the job I wanted. (Sustain and feedback)


One day I’ll take the time to change the topologie on each preset via midi and maybe mic the cab to have a kind of wet dry wet stereo signal if it doesn’t cause phasing problems.


I wish treble mid bass presence pots are working without a pre-amp selected but it seem impossible...

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