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HD500x Using Midi for Patch Changes


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I was wondering If someone out there has experience using a midi controller to patch changes.  In my situations I want the HD500x to stay in pedal board mode and use the midi controller to change patches.  In one situation, I toggle amps and effects in the patch and need to switch to an acoustic patch and then back to the original patch .  Is there any one out there who can let me know if this would work or has done it and can help me navigate through the process.




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Any midi controller would be able to do this... it's a very basic duty...


However.... when you have your HD500 setup as a pedal board (all 8 footswitches controlling stomps) you do realize that you can temporarily go into PRESET mode by hitting one of the bank buttons... as soon as you choose a preset it returns to stomp mode. At most, a midi controller might save one extra press of a pedal.

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I found an old DMC ground control unit to provide the preset changes while in pedal board mode.  I generally don't like trying to hit an upper foot switch while playing... I always goof it up so I like my real time switches / effects changes to happen on the lower set of switches.  Also,  In one particular case I really want to change from one preset to another and then back all the while staying in pedal board mode.  So far my testing is showing this will work fine.  


I generally have two amp models in one preset and just toggle between them in pedal board mode but this situation is eating up processing power and it take only two button presses to switch to an acoustic patch and then back.  


Thanks for the reply.

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