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Can A Hd500 Be Used As A Fbv Board With A Spyder Valve Mkii Hd 100 Head?

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Hi i recently purchased a spyder valve mkII HD 100 half stack (by the way sounds amazing right out of the box and highly recommend one to everybody looking for a head/cab the vintage 30's are the whip)

But anyway i am wondering if i can hookup my pod hd500 board to act like a fbv shortboard so i can deep edit my head on my laptop like i do with the hd500 all help is appreciated thanks

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congrats on the pickup, you will like it.  Not exactly sure what you want to be able to do here.  Spider Valve MkII Edit software is a free editor/librarian application for your Spider Valve MkII 112, 212 and HD100. You can use that to edit patches but you won't be able to make the deep editing to the amp models like the HD Editor lets you. 


You have a lot of choices here now as far as hooking things together.  You can run into the front of the amp alone, run the POD into the fromt of the amp, use the 4 cable method, or run the POD into the FX return for just the power section.  Each option has its benefits and drawbacks so you will have to play around and see what you want to do here. 


You can use the POD like a FBV by progarmming midi sends to the amp but I can't guide you there as I don't program midi myself.


If it was just me, I would run my POD HD into the FX return to use the valve power section and the cab.  Even there you will have to play with outputs (Studio Direct, Stack Power Amp), full amp/preamp and cab/no cab patches to see what sounds best through your gear with your guitars.  It's not that difficult but it is time consuming and there are so many combinations that it can be a pain in the butt.  In the end you will certainly find your tone with this gear.  Keep at it and ask questions but mostly, HAVE FUN!

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