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Stand For Mobilekeys 25?

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This reply doesn't address your specific concern but I thought I'd share my solution to a similar problem. I was recently looking to purchase a Mobile 25 but opted for the 49 instead, due primarily to the stand issue. Basically there were two options I considered.


If I were going to use the Mobile Keys with my 88 key Yamaha which sits on an Ultimate Support IQ-3000 stand, I'd attach an add-on 2nd tier. The add-on tier would have been just narrow enough for the Mobile 25.


However, sense I am using it with my guitar rig only, I purchased the 49 and a dedicated ProLine PL200 (X brace type stand) with a quick adjust lever. Going this route means there can be little to no variation in the height adjustment because the keyboard is only but so wide, and with the keyboard being as light weight as it is you can't do any glissandos or organ smears without the keyboard rocketing off the stand like a typewriter carriage being slammed hard right.


A product called Easy Liner Select Grip solved that problem however. I picked this stuff up at Walmart years ago to keep my guitar stomp boxes, keyboard sustain pedals etc. from sliding around under foot. Its sort of a rubbery microfiber like material you roll out and cut to size and has a non-adhesive grip surface. It is usually in the plastic kitchenware aisle and comes in a number of neutral colors, though I haven't found it in black yet.

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I was looking for a 25-key keyboard of normal size to control the music applications of my iPod touch. With iOS interface, the choice was restricted, it was the one or the Akai Synthstation, or the Ion Piano Apprentice. Plex Kodi Lucky Patcher

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