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Booster Pedal On Hd500x


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ALL is good but! :



Where is the BOOSTER Pedal on POD HD 500X ?? i really need the booster pedal friends.


and we cant modify a Live , the delay effetc like in the X3Live , that you move pots and sounds cool, now, i move the pots and do nothing

will you change this in future? 


The double push  in the footswish for edit like: delay , mod, or distortion, or amp, i cant edit just pushing double times :((((((


if you can fixx that in the other firmware or update , many users of LINE6 will thank you to you Line 6 team,

i hope no to find more problems :(((


thanks for reading


atte: a illusionated and delusioned user!



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Not too sure about your last couple of points but I can help you out with the boosting query.


There is a microamp modelled effect in the 500x ( I think it might be the "boost comp" ). Others here can confirm or deny if required. That's one option..


Others that I have come across when I was researching how best to set up a boost, was to use one of the many eq's that have a gain or level feature in their options. I believe the parametric eq might do that, and possibly the midfocus one, but I wouldn't quote me on that though...


The other option I heard a lot (and the one that I do) is to put a jumper cable from the fx send to the fx return, and put an "effects loop" in your patches' signal chain. then you simply leave the send at 0db, put the mix on 100%, and increase the return level to whatever you want the boost to be. I set mine at around 3 or 4 db.

Then simply assign the fx loop in your on screen display to a footswitch. Works great. Very transparent, but requires that you don't use the fx loop for anything else, and you need a short cable.

For me, I don't use the fx send and return jacks at all, and I have heaps of those short cables, so it was a simple solution for me.

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"...and we cant modify a Live , the delay effetc like in the X3Live , that you move pots and sounds cool, now, i move the pots and do nothing"


The HD series uses different "software" than the X3 more "double click to edit". You are no longer limited to STOMP MOD DELAY and COMP buttons controlling only those specific effects. (You need to read and learn how the HD functions.)


Instead, use the 4-way button to select the effect you wish to edit, double click ENTER, then make your parameter adjustments using the 1-4 buttons below the display.


Then you'll sound cool again!

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I have a little trick for getting instant volume boost. First of all, I'll mention that I use compression on every patch, sometimes just a little, sometimes more.


I set up 2 compressors, one set with a higher output level, and assign both to the same foot switch. Then I save the patch with the loud compressor off and the quieter one on. When I want more gain I kick the switch and get only the louder comp. You can employ this either before or after the amp, depending on whether you want to give the amp the extra gain or just raise the output volume of your sound.


Of course you can also have different compression thresholds too, for more sustain on a solo sound or whatever.

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Go to the Filters section and select the Q Filter. Plays E it before your distortion phase and play around with the parameters. At default it sounds like monkey turds but when u find your settings you should have a boost which u can make clean or dirty.

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