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  1. i will try ! the thing its that i use completely different mods, dlys, and amps from one preset to other , thank you !
  2. i tried with snap shot already but , if im not wrong, in the snapshot if you select another amp, lets supose in the snapshot 1 you got jazz riviet, and go to Snapshot 2 and change mandarin 80 amp, it changes in all snapshots (?) :/, i prefer the oldskool style on line 6 pedalboards, that just change preset to another was very comfortably , but now its little bit complicated!
  3. \\\\\\ HELIX PROBLEM \\\\ hello , i just cannot find how to make a new topic, but here is my problem : When i am for example in preset 1A , but i want to change to preset 1B or C or D or whatever preset , when i push from 1A to 1B, the signal stops for a bit second and continues with the sound of the next preset, this is too annoying cuz if m playing a song that requires exact change without pause the sound for a second , this is so embarrassing , it doesnt happened with, hd 500x or pod x3 live, i think there are many things that Line 6 should repair more than fancy colours on the screen... my humble opinion, but , anyone has the same problem ? how to solve this :( ? THANK YOU
  4. what happen if not all podhd500x users wanted presets for Variax , is useless if we doesn't have one, but we use more the "User 3" set list to make more presets , i don't know if i ll update my podhd500x if i lost one important set list like " User3" i got presets in all my set lists ! :( USER 3 ?? The presets in firmware v2.62 correlate to the following Set List names, as seen in the main display from left to right, top to bottom: BEST OF HD FX HEAVY SONGS / STYLE BASS/ACO/VOC L6LINK DT VARIAX USER 1 USER 2
  5. hi! i bought my pod hd 500x since one month ago, and now the B footswitch (F56) has stopped to sound the normal " click" when i press it, all the switches sound " click" but this , doesnt sound, it works normal but, only doesnt sound normal, like the others switches, what do you think it happened? the pedalboard hasnt any details and is only in its case and doesnt have any blow. greetings!
  6. and there is not a solution for this problem'? do i cant re open again my presets from the x3? , i have effects that i dont remember how to re make :s
  7. I changed the X3 Live for HD500X but i cant load my patches, i have no more hte X3 Live, is there a way to open my Patches without conect the Pod X3 Live? just for see my tones. thanks!
  8. Thank you so much for your answerss! JustStartin' i Appreciate!
  9. ALL is good but! : Where is the BOOSTER Pedal on POD HD 500X ?? i really need the booster pedal friends. and we cant modify a Live , the delay effetc like in the X3Live , that you move pots and sounds cool, now, i move the pots and do nothing will you change this in future? The double push in the footswish for edit like: delay , mod, or distortion, or amp, i cant edit just pushing double times :(((((( if you can fixx that in the other firmware or update , many users of LINE6 will thank you to you Line 6 team, i hope no to find more problems :((( thanks for reading atte: a illusionated and delusioned user!
  10. do you know guys where is the booster pedal!! on the hd500x!!!
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