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Variax Std on-off switch seems iffy

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My brand new Variax has had only intermittent success when I've used the switch to go from mags to modeling.  Oftentimes it sticks when I use it, and sometimes I can depress it several times yet still the thing won't switch modes.  This can happen while switching from/to either the modeling or the mags.  I seem to notice a higher success rate if I remember to hold the switch down for a couple of seconds before releasing it.  Other than the problem stated it seems properly installed, and it doesn't wobble or anything.


Questions:  Is the switch intended to operate in the manner described so as to curtail inadvertent switching while playing?  If not, should I be worried?  (It is still in the return period, so I could ship 'er back for a replacement model.)  Is there a simple fix?


THANKS in advance for your help!



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...still hoping somebody has some knowledge/experience on this, as I'm still concerned I may have a defective guitar.  


One idea occurs to me... Is it possible that the switching issue has to do with whether the patch on my HD500 forces the Variax model or not?  I have noticed that at least some of the time the switch won't go on/off (modeling/mags) until after I rotate it to a different model, and then at that point it becomes functional.  From what I can tell, this is on patches that force the model upon the guitar.  Can anyone out there say if this is normal, intended behavior? 


(sorry I haven't had time to further test this idea more definitively, plus my time is running out very soon)



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The Force/Don't Force function can take over when in "Force" mode.

Try connecting to the amp without using the HD500 and see if it's still a problem.


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