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g10 firmware update 1/11/19 jacked my base up

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Got my g10 today worked for a total of 5 min thing is junk. It worked on my base but when I plugged into my Ernie ball nothing. So I decide to go online and see if there is a recent firmware update, which there. Install the firmware that was just load on there site today 1/11/19 and hasn't worked since. The T light doesn't come on at all even when it is docked in the receiver. take the T out of the R and no light on the T but it back in the R and R flashes red and T has solid green. SMDH When I went back to the download site the firmware I download was no longer on the page. Called and talked to support the guy didn't even want to try and fix over the phone. I told him I just need help removing the firmware and updating older firmware version. He also told me the ernie ball guitars don't do well with the G10 along with list of others. That really pissed me off because no where on there page to sell do they say it only works with some guitar's(Disgrace Marketing ). Told me to send it back for a replacement. I will after a do a bad review and post online.  And to think I was going to spend  $1600 on a helix not a chance with this kind of support. To think this was my first line 6 product purchase it will be really hard to get me to try any of there products if this is how they treat their new customers 


Signed Disappointed

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Hi. We're sorry to see you run into trouble. Most guitars work fine with G10, but some instruments will not due to their wiring or the jack's physical configuration. There's an adapter that comes with the G10 that will help with most fit or compatibility issues. Please see this article for more details.


If you feel the system is broken and needs to be replaced, please contact our staff with a ticket at www.Line6.com/support/tickets, and supply a receipt copy to show you're under warranty.

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