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Resolved: Invalid Error Code 02(01)

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Brief story:

I got line 6 pod xt live and tried firmware ware update with all current versions of line6 softwares. Everything worked well until I was asked to switch the pedal off/on....then boom! <Invalid Error Code 02>


The hustle:


I followed all the pieces of advice on this mode, press this press that, smash it on the floor....*thats actually not part of it*; send it to the Line6 I.T. guys.... None of them is around my country.

At some point I encountered using midi cables and read all I could, bought several cheap midi USB cables to no avail.... And to crown it all, I dropped a support ticket and the best option I got was to get a replacement...*smh*

I can go on and on to tell you how bad it felt, but I'm here to tell you how I got it resolved.



After two months with a dead pod, I finally invested in a midi USB cable that's a bit expensive *ROLAND UM one MK2*...ever encountered it?


Well, that's what I used; I flashed the 3.1 with anxiety but ended up happy.


The cable works.

So if u are like the former me, get the cable and flash with all drivers needed. 


#P.S. I'm posting this so that no one will waste so much time, energy and effort it took me to figure this out.


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6 hours ago, Mikkymillion said:

#P.S. I'm posting this so that no one will waste so much time, energy and effort it took me to figure this out.


Don't know that I'll ever have a use for this, but I applaud your effort and consideration for others who may run into the same issue. Good job!

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