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  2. Version 7.6.8 Released 6/22/18 This update includes bug fixes and optimizations. Note that macOS High Sierra 10.13 has implemented a change to how drivers are accessed that may require your attention. If you cannot use your Line 6 device after installing this driver, please see this article: macOS High Sierra 10.13 Driver Installation Change Compatible OS: Mac OS X, Mac OS Mountain Lion, Mac OS Mavericks, Mac OS Yosemite, Mac OS El Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave I HAD SUCH A FAILURE , I THOUGHT USB CHIP BURNED FROM A HOT TURN ON (WHEN THE POWER PEDAL), BUT IT WAS NOT SO .I DOWNLOADED THE LATEST DRIVERS AND IT WORKED.TRY AGAIN TO PRESS BUTTON A OR B DON'T REMEMBER EXACTLY AND TURN ON THE POWER WHILE HOLDING THE BUTTON AND YOU WILL ENTER IN THE SERVICE MENU OR IN UPDATE FLASH AND USING MONKEY CAN LOOK AT THE USB OLD FIRMWARE
  3. Downloads drivers Version Released 8/21/15 This driver adds support for Windows 10. Compatible OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  4. Tinyfireball

    expression pedal not working

    H​I Gay! First make sure the pedal calibrated properly- you can do this by powering up with the "Bank Up" stomp switch held. This puts the unit into a special pedal calibration test mode. Press the "AMP ON\OFF" stomp switch to reset the calibration. Move the pedal to the heel position. Move the pedal to the toe position and depress the pedal toe switch. Move the pedal back to the heel position. When in the heel position now the "7MAPPEDxxx" number on the LCD should read 0.Move the pedal back to the toe down position (you do not have to depress the toe switch )the"7MAPPEDxxx" number should read 127.You should also see this number sweep from 0 to 127 as the pedal is moved from heel down to toe down. Turn off the pedal , turn on and check pedal.
  5. Tinyfireball

    Schematic for POD XT

    My email vdodge@mail.ru send me letter , I will reply with the diagram podXt
  6. Tinyfireball

    PODxt Live no output

    Or press SAVE once, use the select key to scroll clockwise to “factory recall†page, then press SAVE twice.
  7. Tinyfireball

    PODxt Live no output

    Hi,mаке anew calibration to volume pedal , such can be.
  8. write me on vdodge@mail.ru I help you

  9. Tinyfireball

    Pod 2.0 Comunication With Pc

    Hello! use this cable works 100% and low price !!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-To-MIDI-Cable-Converter-PC-to-Music-Keyboard-Adapter-US-/230838298743?pt=US_Cables_Snakes_Interconnects&hash=item35bf08e877
  10. Tinyfireball

    Connect Pod 2.0 To Pc

    Hello , you need here is this cable http://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-To-MIDI-Cable-Converter-PC-to-Music-Keyboard-Adapter-/220860239368?pt=US_Cables_Snakes_Interconnects&hash=item336c4bce08 low price and free shipping !