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DT 50 Head quit. Input?

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Long time Line 6 user started with the POD bean and have owned multiple L6 amps and POD floor boards over many years. I use to frequent the early boards a lot but haven't been on them for over 15 years.


Anyway, I purchased an L6 HX Effects unit last night and was having a great time with it for a bout five minutes when my amp quit. 7 years I've owned it and this is the first issue I've had. The power cord fuse blew (it was a 5A 250V) so I tried a 1A and 2A and they both blew as well.


I was wondering, based on the serial number provided, should I file a support ticket to see if maybe there are other options for me rather than just take it into a tech and pay a few hundred dollars to get it working again?


 A bit of history: I traded for this amp slightly used from a dude that worked at a music store so he hadn't even registered it yet. He told me the amp came in with a smashed power tube and they didn't have a matching set of EH's so he put in and biased a matching set of Mesa Boogies they had in stock. I always found the amp sounded richer and warmer than my bandmates who's DT 50 head has stock tubes. 

I only put about 10-12 hours a YEAR on this amp so it has under a hundred hours on it and I use a DT50 4X12 and sometimes a DT25 1X12 I have.


Any thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated.

DT 50 SN.jpg


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Properly biased stock tubes are a must. The tube section and digital processor section have to talk nice to one another.  

Using Mesa tubes messes with that. 


Don't mess with anymore fuses. Log a Support ticket. It may or may not be fixable. It needs to be evaluated by a Line 6 authorized service center. 


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Ok, I will log a support ticket. I assumed because the music store themselves put the tubes in and considering I used it for 7 years without any problems any issues would have cropped up at the start. It sounded and worked great with zero issues for 7 years.


Thanks for the reply. Hopefully its not pooched.

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Got lucky, most people who put in Mesa blow the amp within the 6 or 7 weeks.


They're mediums, the ones that we get. I'll be at the trade show this weekend, and

I visit and chat with all the tube tube people each year.


The problem you have tough, will require Line 6 authorized servicing. It's not just the tubes.

The way the fuse blows and serial number tell me other things that make it a "none self repair".

Only a Line 6 authorized service center. There are three in your area.




There are parts that will be needed that can't be had through Full Compass, an authorized service center is needed for that.




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Thanks again.


Do I have to wait to hear anything back from Line6 regarding my support ticket before I take it in to an authorized dealer or just go ahead and let them know I submitted one?


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