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PODxt not being controlled by FBV Express Mk II ?

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Hi all,


Having a bit of a problem :)  


All my Line 6 gear has the very latest firmware updates installed.


I have a Spider IV 75W amp, FBV Express Mk II foot controller and a PODxt.


The FBV Express Mk II foot controller works fine with the Spider IV amp and everything switches as it should.


BUT when plugging the FBV Express Mk II foot controller into the PODxt it successfully switches channels within a bank BUT there is no LED indication on the foot pedal as to which channel has been selected.  Also, the tuner facility isn't called up and in fact the tuner display only illuminates briefly when plugging in, and from then on is blank!


Finally, plugging the FBV Express Mk II back into the Spider IV amp and it all works OK - including the tuner facility and the tuner display on the pedal.


I'm wondering, if there is a particular combination of firmware for each product I should be looking for and using??


Has anyone succeeded in making the FBV Express Mk II and the PODxt work successfully with each other - and if so what versions of firmware are you running?


Oh, I've swopped the CAT5 lead and also calibrated the swell pedal itself but it makes no difference :)


Here's hoping anyone can comment!

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Same problem here, im testing different cat 6 cables but im getting same problem, aso i tested 1 cat 5e cable, same results. Maybe  is some firmware compatibility as you mentioned ? 

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