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Please Help Recording

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okay so here is the deal. I have my pod hd500, and a dean vmnt.  I want to be able to record through my computer. A few weeks ago i hooked it up via USB and used reaper along with some backing tracks. But my guitar had a terrible lagg (I would play a note and it would play 1 second later) And i just got frustrated, confused and gave up. I would really appreciate it if someone would give me a step by step proccess on how to record on your computer along with a backing track. Also any extra things i need in order to record? so i can put it on my christmas list. :)



Thanks Alot, 


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Make sure that you are using the HD500 ASIO driver for both input and output.  Mute the track you are recording to and monitor via the HD500's headphone out.  If you try to monitor via the PC the lag will totally throw you off.

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