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More Robust Ethernet Cable And Connectors?


I find myself getting through far too many ethernet cables for attaching my FBV Shortboard to my Bass Pod XT Pro.


Generally what happens is that the plastic clip that locks the RJ45 connector into the socket on the Shortboard snaps off which means that the plug is no longer sufficiently secure in the socket for the pedal to work reliably. However I have had other cables fail with no visible signs of damage - most likely due to a conductor breaking somewhere along the length of the lead.


My band's gigging and rehearsing schedule is such that the gear is set up and broken down at least 10 times a week and with this kind of use standard ethernet cable and RJ45 connectors simply aren't robust enough. Currently I'm lucky if a new cable lasts me more than a couple of months. Normally I carry a spare lead, but after a recent gig where both my main ethernet cable and the spare both broke while setting up, I'm looking for something a bit more durable.


So, what do the pros use? Is there a recommended supplier of heavier-duty cable and less easily damaged RJ45 plugs? Do they have their Line6 equipment modified to use EtherCON connectors? In which case can you recommend me someone who can do this for me in the UK?


All useable ideas and suggestions gratefully received.

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I have had the best service and highly recommend these guys for your cable needs.  They make top quality gear at reasonable prices and build to order.
PS. I have absolutely no relations or business interest with them, they just do the job.

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I also bought the cable that radatats mentioned; from Best Tronics. I also bought the Line6 cable that you can get from MusiciansFriend, and such. Comparing them is a no-brainer, go with the BestTronics. Comes with a velcro cable wrap, the exterior material looks/feels exactly as an instrument or XLR cable would, and best part, made in the USA!


Here are a couple of photos:









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