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Pod Hd Pro Hiss

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Just curious...


On my HD Pro, the "Son of Plexi" factory preset, which is preset 1A in the "Best of HD" setlist, is really noisy, a lot of hiss. Don't even have anything plugged in to the input of the POD. Is that normal? My master volume is at 50%, and I hear the hiss whether using my monitors or headphones.


Out of curiosity, I started scrolling thru the factory presets and noticed that most of them have a lot of hiss. Some even have a low freq hum.


I then messed with the input setting, and found that if I selected anything other than "Variax", the hiss/hum is present. Son of Plexi is dead quiet when selecting Variax as the input. If I select guitar or mic or line, the hiss is present. It's really bad when selecting "Line" or "Mic".


Any thoughts on that?

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