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Variax 600 Problem

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I am asking for a little help. I bought variax 600 two months ago. It was used but in perfect condition and everything was in working condition. Few days ago problem started. It begun to change sound by itself during the performance. The problem is even bigger. Its cahnging from normal tune (for example Les Paul sound) to different tuning (i guess from custom 2 category). The only thing i can do to solve this problem is to hit the tone change knob to the inside and it switchs back to original sound i was playing before it changed. Please help if anyone has same problem? My guitar is useless for live performance functioning in this way..

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Hi- Is your model selector knob loose? If it is, the "detent" and/or the contacts inside the switch are worn and the switch will need to be replaced. If you can "wiggle" the model selector and the tone changes, that is another indication of a bad switch. If it is just the "detent" that is sloppy, you can carefully pull the knob off the stem. You will then be able to see the detent, which rides along the inside of the knob. You can VERY gently bend the detent out a VERY SMALL bit ,(Don not put too much pressure on it) replace the knob and feel that the detent is "locking" into place better. If that doesn't do it, the switch is bad.I don't think you can get the switch from Line 6 anymore.You can ask. Let me know-I can help.

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