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How to change snapshots with protools?


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As far as I can tell, Helix doesn't send Snapshot MIDI automatically. In order to record your snapshot changes, set the first IC for each snapshot to CC#69 and the snapshot #:


SS 1 = 0

SS 2 = 1

SS 3 = 2



Yes, you'd have to do that for every snapshot on every preset that you intend to record.


Sounds like something you might want to request over on Ideascale.....


EDIT - this isn't something that I've done (recording MIDI from Helix), nor do I have Protools to try it. I might try it later with Reaper just for kicks. Let us know how it works for you!

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Turns out I DO have ProTools First on my box. Now I remember why I forgot - I HATE PROTOOLS!

Anyhow, what I described works fine in PoTools also.

I suppose I should spend some time to learn ProTools, so I can hang with the cool guys....but I can't use my (many) VSTs (including Native) without jumping through hoops.

Besides, I have to do my laundry.

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2 hours ago, RAMA-don said:

I finally have them talking to each other... but I can’t figure out how to change snapshots.. only patches.


OK, so I spent some more (painful) time with ProTools.

First, before I explain how to do this, I need to know what method you're using. Are you creating the events manually in ProTools, or recording your performance MIDI?

You can use both, of course, but I'd rather not rewrite the ProTools Manual (horrible P.O.S that it is!).

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