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Line 6 CS Ambassadors


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What is a Line 6 CS Ambassador?


A Line 6 CS Ambassador is a member of the Line 6 community who’s guitar talent, technical expertise, instructional content, and openness to help others in the Helix community deserve a call-out from Line 6/YGG. These folks are not Line 6 employees, but are an amazing source of expertise in the use of Helix to create, perform, and produce guitar music. 

Some or all of these apply to all Ambassadors:


- are longtime members of the various online Helix communities.

- are giving of their time and expertise to help others in the Helix community.

- produce excellent online content highlighting what Helix can do.

- actively promote the use of Helix to create amazing music and solve problems for guitarists.

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Aaron Short


Growing up in Suffolk, England, Aaron began playing piano at the age of 7, and in his teens, he fell in love with Britpop, began playing guitar, joined a band and began writing songs. His influences were classic left-of-center singer/songwriter; Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and later, Damien Rice. “I’ve always been into the lyrical and the gutsy, the artists who aren’t afraid to be deep,” he says.


Aaron’s performances have taken him from his small town upbringings in the British countryside to the bright lights of London and more recently, NYC. He has shared the stage with local and international artists including Belinda Carlisle and Tommy Emmanuel. When he is not touring you can find him performing in Manhattan most nights at clubs and restaurants (see the SHOWS page for more information). He is also a respected music educator and has taught all levels from early education to college level and everything in-between. He currently teaches for the NY Presbyterian Hospital and ‘Music Together programs.


His own songs from his debut album ‘Ten Songs About Truth, Lies & Other Things’ (produced by Ian Grimble – Elton John/Cat Stevens) have been featured on national television and radio in the UK as well as the Movie ‘Tomorrow Is Today’ in the USA.


More recently he has performed in Nashville with award winning Top 40 radio artist D.A. Cole and with Bangladeshi artist ‘Muza’ on his track ‘Bondhurey’ which reached 3 million views in just 3 weeks!


He is currently working on his new album which he hopes to release in 2020. The album ‘Ten songs about truth, lies and other things’ is available now on Apple Music and Spotify.

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Alex Strabala



Alex is a touring guitarist, keyboardist, and guitar tech based in Las Vegas. He is currently playing guitars and keys with the LA-based alt-pop group lovelytheband, nominated for Best Rock Artist at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.


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Brock Davisson



Ok so around 1992 my brother wanted a dirt bike but parents thought it was too dangerous for him so they went to the local flea market place and brought back a Silvertone guitar and harmony battery operated amp. However there was always an acoustic around because of my dad dabbled with it and we always had bands like CCR and willie nelson and the eagles playing around the house because of him sometimes... We really didn't know what to do with this guitar they got us so we sat it under the bed for awhile until one day when we were in music class in school and heard the band NIRVANA. Nirvana was the reason I started playing guitar.


I can't play the guitar in the "normal" position that most can due to limited mobility in wrists and joints so I taught myself how to play the way I do.


So I went from Nirvana then branched off to metal acts like Metallica and Megadeth and so on. Little later on I started getting into blues like bb king and stuff and then shred guitar like steve vai and joe satriani.


Nothing much happened since I began up until around the early 2000's where I entered a guitar contest at the michael angelo batio clinic here in my town of Marietta, Ohio and got 2nd place. Then I started entering the C.A. HOUSE MUSIC guitar contests in Parkersburg in the later 2000's and won 3 of those and came in 2nd in 2 others.


Around 2014 my friend Andy Holbrook and his wife Courtney Holbrook decided to do a 10 minute video bio of me and that started a small movement of people on the internet wanting a album done. That led to me working with skylight media and making an album.  I released a blues-folk type album titled "outtakes from the soul" in late 2015 and it even hit #15 on the blues chart for 1 week in may, 2016. december 18th 2014 american blues scene magazine featured a article of me as well in their magazine :]


This is a link that directs you to many of my social media profiles and other things:

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Phil Miller


I'm a native Pennsylvanian now living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I grew up involved in music in a bunch of different ways, but mainly in my church. I started by playing trombone and piano, and I bought my first electric guitar during my Freshman year of college. I've been fortunate to play with some amazing players over my life, and I currently play in two bands as well as my church. I play electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin and bass, and I enjoy a wide array of genres including rock, pop, funk, blues, jazz and roots music. In our free time, my wife and I enjoy biking and hiking as well as checking off-the-beaten path restaurants.


My first Line 6 products were the POD 2.0, DL4 and MM4, which I bought back in 2000 not long after starting my first "real" job out of college. Since then I've owned more Line 6 products (and other effects pedals and amps) than I can keep track of. My degrees and my day job are in Architectural Engineering - I design lighting systems for buildings. I find that I'm drawn to fields that combine artistic expression and technical know-how, and Line 6 has proven it's cared about balancing these things since its inception. I've been an "Expert User" on the Line 6 forums for over ten years, and I frequent The Gear Page and Helix Facebook groups. I'm very excited for the opportunity to serve as a CS Ambassador, and I look forward to helping others have great experiences with their Line 6 gear!


My Soundcloud profile can be found here:

My profile on the Line 6 forums:

My profile on TGP:




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Eric Broadbent



Eric Broadbent is the creator and founder of the YouTube Line 6 related talk-show, The Helix Hour.


The show was created & inspired after having a Line 6 Artist as a guest on the channel’s parent show “EVH & Gear TV”. In little time Eric has gone from not even knowing what Helix was, to being able to recreate his guitar hero Edward Van Halen’s sound in extreme detail, covering nearly all eras of his ever changing tone. Being a life long fanatic of Van Halen has helped Eric in his research when it comes to Eddie’s amps & effects.


Eric has been playing guitar for over 35 years in dozens of bands with career highlights including 5150 - The Ultimate Van Halen Tribute Band and his original rock group, Finding Core.


The YouTube channel has allowed Eric to interact with Line 6 Helix owners across the world and share in their excitement, passion & tone chasing quests we all have. It has also become a great vehicle to assist people (and learn from them as well). 


Eric is a member of the Line 6 Marketplace with Van Halen style presets available for all HX family products.


Facebook Group "All Things Line 6 Helix"


YouTube Channel:


Facebook Pages:





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Chad Boston


Chad Boston had a rough childhood and MUSIC was a key element to get through life’s ups and downs. Ups and downs included running his own businesses since 16 years of age. Chad reinvigorated his High School love for guitars and gear and has been a huge fan of Line 6 for years. He got wind of the release of the Line 6 Helix and jumped in head first, hasn’t looked back!


Chad started the Line 6 Helix Family Face Book Group with his Friend Chris Saraga as members 1 and 2 …… Now it’s over 23,000 members and growing. (Lots of help with Line 6 and all the fantastic moderators).

Chad has learned how to take a different approach to everything he does. Some call him the ‘Mad Scientist’ others think ‘village idiot’ but that’s how he rolls. (BTW I find it weird to brag as well as to write in the 3rd person) – so here go some accomplishments:

·       Computer Consultant for 32 years

·       Did a (7 hour) livestream unboxing of one of the 1st in the wild Helix Units (EPIC – Line 6 was watching)

·       Created a FANTASTIC COMMUNITY (Chris and Chad were dubbed ‘Founding Fathers’ by the CEO of Line 6 Joe Bentivegna)

·       Created numerous accessories for Helix (screen guards, Water-resistant Helix Shield, Sunshield, Skins, Foot Touch-Enabled Switch Toppers, Connection Tag Kits      


Line 6 Helix Family User Group OFFICIAL and Original


Line 6 Marketplace:


Gear By CEBA


Chad Boston Sites:


YouTube Channel:



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Terence Young II




Terence Young has earned the reputation of one of the most talented and electrifying Lead Guitarist in the world. He has released 10 cds to date, ranging from Smooth Jazz and R&B, to gospel, Christmas, instrumental rock, and his original guitar compositions. 


Terence has shared the stage with countless renowned recording artists, including, The Temptations, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, BabyFace, Charlie Wilson, Envogue, Morris Day and the Time, Al Jarreau, Roberta Flack, George Duke, Rachelle Ferrell, Gerald Albright, Clarence Carter and Joe Sample. In addition to performing with these top talents, Terence has also performed with and was Music Director for the Legendary Ashford and Simpson, Lenny Williams, Aaron Hall and Angie Stone, to name a few. Terence's talent can be heard on the Earth, Wind & Fire Tribute CD with R&B Queen, Angie Stone. 


Terence has been called on to perform the National Anthem at the NBA and various college Games, and he was the featured artist at the NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants. He has received several prestigious awards, including a Humanitarian Award.


A native of Elko, SC, Terence Young now resides in Columbia SC where he manages The FINESSE BAND (, one of the top party bands in the Southeast, while still producing and performing his Jazz Concerts Nationwide. These shows are known as THE TERENCE YOUNG EXPERIENCE... Entertaining and electrifying are just two words Terence's fans use to describe his shows. Be sure to catch The Terence Young Experience the next time he is in your area. You don't want to miss it!

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Jeremy Varao

Jermey Varao.jpg



Jeremy Varao is a Las Vegas based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, graphic designer and YouTube personality. Performing live as well as being a working session player for over the last two decades., spanning genres from Ska/Pop Punk/Classic and Modern Heavy Metal to even a bit of Modern Country with Easy Listening peppered in, Jeremy is a fan of any variety of music, so long as it is well written. But his all-time music passion is guitar-laden Heavy Metal.

Initially inspired by the guitar playing of Ace Frehley of KISS, after receiving Alive! for Christmas at the ripe age of 8, Jeremy wouldn’t get his first guitar and amp until his 13th birthday. By age 16, Jeremy was gigging in premiere venues throughout his home state of MA and regionally out in CT. At age 22, Jeremy did his first of many successful US tours with FL Ska Punk stalwarts, Skif Dank, and his Pop Punk band, Cherry 2000. He subsequently toured with Indianapolis based Death Metal band, MercyKill. Jeremy has had the great honor of sharing the stage with some of the best-known acts from No Doubt and The Misfits to Cannibal Corpse and Deicide.

Primarily focusing on video production and YouTube, where he hosts the YouTube channel Dunky’s N’ Demos, he demoes products, but more importantly, he transfers his knowledge for folks eager to learn more about recording and playing. Being self-taught, Jeremy approaches the subject matter in a way that is not only informative, but easily digestible. Having come up through the school of “figure it out for yourself,” Jeremy hopes to be a resource for folks so THEY can be more productive in their creative endeavors.


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