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Firmware Image - 4 leds are on and BT led dim


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Dear all


If we could have a working image of the Amplifi amp, we could help many people solving their issue about 4 leds on and BT led dim. This issue is caused by a non bootable SDCARD inside of our defect amplifi unit. The logic board contains an NXP chipset and the boot image is on the SDCARD!!


Please copy your SDCARD and share the image with us! I will create a google drive and share the link in this topic soon. What I need from you is a copy of your working SDCARD.


Can you send me a message if you have a copy available? Mail addres        reinierv007 at gmail dot com


It would be highly appreciated to have this issue sorted out for many users. Simply by copying the file to a new SDCARD will fix the problem and you can Play your stars from heaven!



Please help.













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Hi. My Amplifi 150 had the same problem. I managed to fix mine (accidentally) by booting the amp without an SD card installed. Then when I booted it again with the SD it worked fine and has done so ever since.


I tried to check what was on my SD but they're in a file format unreadable for a Windows PC. I am not sure you'll be able to copy the files from someone else's card because they'll not be able to see them on their PC.

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Hello RV19,


People on this forum are talking about the format on the SDCARD and since it's basically an OS to boot and run the NXP cpu it is normal that the format is not recognized by a windows PC. We need clone software to do the job:

EaseUS Partition Master SD Card Clone Software

How to find effective SD card clone software? This is a question, and now you do not need to worry anymore. EaseUS software provides its professional partition manager software - EaseUS Partition Master to help solve SD card clone or partition clone problem.

This software has a feature which is named Clone disk wizard, allowing to clone hard disk, partition, portable devices such as SD card or USB drive in Windows 10/8/7 or any other previous Windows version within only three steps. And it clones everything in the SD card including application data into new devices. With this feature, users no longer need to re-download and reinstall applications anymore. How to use it? Click the download button here in this passage and free download EaseUS Partition Master. Then follow next steps to start cloning SD card to your new SD card.


Second option is DMDE ( - basically you create a .bin file to copy to another SDCARD:

DMDE is a powerful software for data searching, editing, and recovery on disks. It may recover directory structure and files in some complicated cases through the use of special algorithms when other software can't help. The software is listed, reviewed, and awarded in magazines and catalogs.

DMDE has a number of freeware features such as disk editor, simple partition manager (e.g. allows partition undeleting), a tool to create disk images and clones, RAID constructor, file recovery from the current panel. Paid editions support file and directory recovery without the restriction, DMDE Professional Edition has additional features to recover data for clients (compare editions).


Please feel free to copy your SDCARD and make a backup for future reference. If possible share the image with me since my Line 6 Amplifi 75 is defect (SDCARD is burned and broken).

If this procedure works I will publish my findings in a 'how to fix your Amplifi' manual and share it with all of you looking for help. The procedure to save and share an image is listed on this page (user BSEWART describes it very well and step by step):


Thanks in advance.




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