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I'm ready to pull the trigger on a JTV 59.  Before I do I wonder if anyone can tell me how the models respond to palm muting, particularly heavy chunking aka Helmet, Royal Blood, FFDP sound?   I have a 600 and found it not very realistic,  especially with the drop D and lower tunings I have programmed in it.  

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Of all the areas of the Variax, this is the one I feel there is still the must controversy over. Line 6 has improved it a lot since release, but does it sound just like the original guitars palm muting?


No. Does it sound good? In my opinion, yes, but I'm the kind who chases cool sounds and rarely obsesses over EXACT sounds.


The group where I see the most problems in acceptance is often metal players used to a very specific sound.


My advice? Check out the band Twelve Foot Ninja's work with the Shuriken Variax. If you like the palm mutes there, you're golden.

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