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Shortboard -> Pod Pro Assign Fx Blocks On/off?


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Looking into side grade from HD500 floor board

to a shortboard/HD500 Pro (Rack) and looking

into the docs it struck me:

How do one assign turning specific fx blocks on and off?


On the floor model, I can freely assign any F switch

on the unit to do that.


Looking into the shortboard docs, it looks as if the

switches are set -globaly- and doesn't follow

any program changes.


Am I missing something? 




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You program the FS buttons the same way...I use the HD desktop with a MK1 or MK2 shortboard (depending on my mood)...shortboards are just dumb controllers...they only do what the unit connected to them is programmed with...If you are or in FS4 or FS8 mode is determined by the HD, not the SB...

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