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Helix To Powercab+ Via L6 Link


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Hi Guys


I'm finding the lack of L6 Link output control from Helix to Powercab+ mildly annoying..

To get the same output level from L6 Link as all of the other outputs, I have to raise the output block for each patch by 10.0dB and raise the Powercab input level by 10dB.


Helix & Powercab+ are both fully updated.


I'm using Helix to one Powercab+ with a 110ohm L6 Link XLR Digital Audio Cable for L6 Link connection.


I can use XLR or 1/4 outputs, but the idea is that when 2.80 arrives I want control of the Powercab+ speaker models via L6 Link ( currently using midi which is quite time consuming if you want to control a lot of presets)..


The digital output can be raised in Global but this has no effect on L6 Link output


So I'm currently using both XLR Analog and L6 Link to Powercab+ with normal output block settings, with the Powercab+ input gain set at 10.0dB. 

This helps reduce any phase issues as the l6 Link connection is roughly half the volume of the XLR


Has anyone else had similar issues ? 




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I don't actually think you are experiencing an issue. Before I get into details, why are you changing between L6 link and XLR? Why do you need the volume of the 2 (XLR and L6 link) to be consistent? I didn't grasp that from your post. Why don't you use L6 link only, forget about the difference and live happily? I don't see where you would ever be swapping between the two. XLR is hotter than 1/4". L6 link is digital. Are you running your signal into the PC+ through L6 link with all volume knobs and sliders at 100% and experiencing that the sound out of the speaker isn't loud enough? I don't understand the issue. 


I run my Helix into two Powercab+. I use L6 link. If I were to send XLR to a mixing desk and use a PC as a monitor, I would control the monitor volume and the sound guy would control the XLR feed with their mixer - theirr volume wouldn't be consistent anyhow. My PC+s are LOUD. My signal path is estimately somewhat properly gain staged so my PC+ input would clip if I increased it. So yeah, describe your problem as you experience in subjective terms and it'll be easier to help. But L6 link and XLR can have varying output volumes. That's not a fault. 

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I had the opposite at first. The input 1/2 was less loud then the L6 link.

Have you changed the dB level in each speaker model ?

I've wasted a little time to find a good compromise in volume.....


my setups are :


- On helix, the volume knob position between 12 and 2 o'clock (don't push the ouput too much because risk of clipping on the PC+, it happened to me...)

- Input 1 (0 dB) ,  input 2 less (-10 dB) to play in my desk

- Speakers model : by default, they were too low (-18dB), i've tweaked them between -11dB to -9dB following the speaker (The jarvis needs more dB)

- Turn the PC+'s volume knob as you need.....


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Hi feffa86 :-  It just clearly sounds better using the XLR output.. I had no intention, and I'm not 'changing' between L6 Link & XLR, I have found to get the best sound going into my Powercab+, (and the facility of the L6 Link,) using both connections to the Powercab+ at the same time works best.


I noticed that when using the XLR analog output every one of my Helix presets sounded louder & much more dynamic (better) driving the Powercab+ (without any adjustments to Helix output block or powercab input gain ) when compared to the L6 Link output alone.


But as I stated, when the 2.80 update arrives, I want the ability to change speaker models using the L6 link.


So it seams odd that the L6 Link is quieter than the other Helix outputs on stock settings..


Hi SteveFrance :- I have to set my Helix volume knob way past 2 oclock to even get into the occasional orange blip of the 

Powercab clipping light using any of the Helix outputs... and My Powercab+ USB output (from PC) is massively  louder than the Helix output.

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