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Vetta Ii Hd 300 Top Through A 412 150w?


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Ok I want to buy a Vetta II HD 300 top and run it through my 412 150 (2x75) cabinet. Is this possible or will I risk blowing upmthe speakers? Or can I set, limit the output on the top? Or can I set the output at a different impendance to get the mono 300watt to become mono150watt?



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I'm sure you can make the combination work safely however due to the state of support or lack of it, I don't recommend that you buy the amp unless you are able to diagnose and repair the amp yourself. Unless you're an electronics technician or engineer you're liable to end up with an expensive but finely designed and made boat anchor. Line6 won't support the amp and thier so called designated repair shops are not much more than board swappers and Line6 no longer supplies the boards.

Unless you can troubleshoot and repair down to the component level, you're apt to be stuck and out of luck altogether if the amp goes south.  I'm sad to say that but it's essentially true.

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