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  1. sliding_billy

    Flash sale all model packs 30% off

    I wasn't really planning on buying the packs for my HD500, but what the heck... Bought the full set yesterday and installed this morning. Everything is working. That's the important thing. No hurry to dive in I guess.
  2. sliding_billy

    Vetta HD Won't connect through Mio Midi Cable.

    Have you tried just pushing a CC or PC to and from the amp using Midi-Ox or SendSX? That will at least tell you if the midi interface and/or jack/cable might be the issue.
  3. sliding_billy

    line6 monkey

    To add to Triryche's comment... click on the archived checkbox before searching.
  4. Try sending some midi CCs (things that you can confirm with button light changes) with Midi-OX or SendSX to be sure that it can accept midi signals before pulling your hair out over other conflicts.
  5. sliding_billy

    pod hd500 into duoverb

    For a dummy jack, I normally use an 1/8" to 1/4" headphone adapter that is laying around.
  6. sliding_billy

    pod hd500 into duoverb

    I would just run it into the loop and use the DV as a power amp (dummy jack the guitar input on the DV to get sound).
  7. sliding_billy

    Vetta 1 Spares/Repair UK for Sale

    You might have better luck selling the VDI separately (especially if you need to ship it to someone).
  8. sliding_billy

    Any hope at all for my Vetta?

    That is great news, and as for the backwards in/out it happens all the time with the uno because they are labeled to:in and to:out.
  9. sliding_billy

    Vetta HD Amp 2....

    I would re-flash to be safe, but it sounds like the repair was not entirely successful.
  10. sliding_billy

    Any hope at all for my Vetta?

    The plug and play driver works fine, but it is still best to check the M-Audio website in case the device you get has an older version of the driver embedded or something. The Uno works fine with Windows 7, as does Monkey.
  11. sliding_billy

    Any hope at all for my Vetta?

    Please do not try using anything but the Uno. It really is the only device that consistently works with the Vetta. Once you have the Uno, it really is as simple as downloading/installing Monkey and letting it update your amp. It also comes in handy for Midi dumps of patches and such.
  12. sliding_billy

    Any hope at all for my Vetta?

    +1 for reinstalling the firmware. I would overwrite patches and not reload any of yours until you have played a while in case you have a corrupt patch in there.
  13. sliding_billy

    Vetta II loses save user presets randomly

    I would check current especially around the battery to see if you are getting proper power. It is possible that something went wrong in the replacement process. Another thing to try (if you have time)... flash and overwrite all of your presets with the factory stuff then create a bunch of brand new presets from scratch. If one of your presets is corrupt, maybe it is causing other problems.
  14. sliding_billy

    Vetta II loses save user presets randomly

    Have you tried backing up, re-flashing and reloading the presets? I would also open it up and take a look around for a possible loose wire. It sounds like maybe a short or a cold solder somewhere.