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Helix control of tone knob on Variax (or lack thereof)

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The Helix control over the tone knob of the JTV Variax is flawed. I have a patch with 3 snapshots that, among other things, control the tone knob. The first two are acoustic where I have lowered the tone knob in each, the third one is an electric with the tone knob up full. When I go from one of the acoustic snapshots to the electric, the tone knob does not go full. It apparently stays in the position the it was in for the acoustics. I can only turn it up using the knob on the JTV. Using HX Edit won't have any effect. I haven't totally played with this yet but so far this is my experience. Anyone else notice this issue?

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oh !

i have the same problem as you

variax standard + helix f

waiting for line6 to fix but still they are letting me down

There are ideas to put the preamp in the middle of the chain or to use EQ, but it's hard to see the same effect as adjusting the tone knob.

I check every patch they come out, but they still don't fix it. or they don't know the problem



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They do know of the problem. Here's what they say in the Helix firmware 3.15 release notes. I was the one that informed them of this. Or at least it didn't appear in release notes until I pointed it out.


In some cases, the current Variax tone knob's position may not be recalled across preset changes


What I have found out through my own trouble shooting is this.

If the Helix's tone knob is at 0 or 10, it does seem to work, but at 0.1 or9.9, when you switch to another patch it maintains the previous patches Helix tone setting. If you press that patch's button again it will work. They know this. I created a ticket and gave them patches to show this phenomenon. It actually worked worse before so they have worked on it. Just didn't get it fixed. I agree they are letting me down. The reason I want to do it is for the acoustic models. In those, it acts like your moving the microphone up or down the neck so just putting an EQ in doesn't do the trick. Besides, this is the whole rig right? Helix and Variax. Everything you want a the press of a button. Very disappointing if they do not get this fixed. This has happend before. Line 6 has let other products bugs or unfulfilled promises remain until it was out of production. For example, I have a Variax bass that was supposed to have workbench support. It was in the sales literature. Never happened. That one still bugs me. The workbench integration is a big reason I chose to get a Variax bass. The JTV Varaix is advertised to work with the Helix. Not just mostly work.

Why am i still with Line 6? Well, it's still really cool and I have also had great experiences with the support department. This next update is pretty big from what I gather so I fear the Variax tone knob issue will be forgotten about. If it's not fixed in Helix firmware 3.20 update, I will contact support again. The Helix has been out how long? I appreciate all the new improvements but it should work the way it's supposed to before that, shouldn't it?

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