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No model sounds - Pickups ok... Help :-)

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Hello from France ( so sorry for my english ! )


I have a second hand JTV 89F, enjoying it since about 6 months but suddenly, the modeled sounds doesn't work at all !

I can hear a little "scratch" when turning the model button "switching  from one model to another" but then complete silence... The same with VDI or Jack.

The pickups works perfectly throuh the VDI cable.

I can connect it to my PC, I could upgrade the firmware ( which doesn't solved the problem ), it also connect to Workbench HD, everything work ( also the lights under the buttons, etc... ) but no sounds come out of my guitar...


Do you have any ideas ?


Thank you so much !



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Main board or the controls, some short or control failure.


Log a Support Ticket in your account. Also check for the nearest authorized service center in your area that deals with our guitars.

https://line6.com/find/service_center/   This is not a user repairable issue.


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