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Effects loop and IR block placement


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    Does the IR block go directly after the amp+cab block.  I have external drives > input of hx stomp>amp+cab block.  Then I split signal to effects loop.  Out of send> external verbs and delays> back to stereo return > IR block> stereo 

    Something isn’t sounding right with my drives...almost like in a tin can...i can’t eq my way out of it...I see all these videos of nice tones but I can’t get it...I can’t get a nice bite on my drives it’s flat and attack to my notes 

     Any suggestions on why?...something in my signal


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12 hours ago, Dannyboy617 said:

Does the IR block go directly after the amp+cab block.


Use an IR after an Amp block, not an Amp+Cab, as an IR IS a cab, and you're running a cab through a cab. If you want to use an IR with a cab, use an Amp block vs Amp+Cab, then pull one of them (IR or Cab) down into a parallel path. That way they'll be blended vs running one into the other.


See if that helps with the drive sound. 

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Thanks I’ll see how it’s for a hx stomp...I’m basically using the hx stomp as an amp and some additional I’m obviously limited with what I can do path wise...just want a nice clean tone....and for my external drives 

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