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Questions About Upgrading From A Guitarport To A Ux2

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Hi there. 
First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong topic. Closest one I could find.


I've been using a Line 6 GuitarPort with GearBox for 5+ years, but recently bought PodFarm 2.5 (and I have all the expansion tone packs).


I was wondering, if I upgrade to a UX2, will there be any difference/improvement in sound quality between using the GuitarPort and the UX2, as it will be running on the same software and I'll be using the same guitar? 


Also wondering if there's any cheaper option of buying the UX2 - I already have PodFarm, so I don't really want to have to pay for it again. 


And last but not least - will the expansion packs I've bought work on my UX2 as well as the GuitarPort? I've seen a few threads saying they struggled to get the licenses working on more than one interface.


Thanks for your time, and any feedback would be appreciated.

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don't think there would be much difference....

honestly since you already have a pod farm license, i'd seek another brand interface... much of the cost is the license.

that and with a pod farm 2 license it will work hardware independent.. WITH the model packs as well...

maybe get an avid or m-audio interface? (@150$) (they tend to have preamps built in that help overall quality)

many options though...


depends on how much you want to spend and how many inputs you need...

i have a tascam us1800, that would probably be overkill coming from a guitarport...

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