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Ux1 Recording Input Forgets Mixer Setting

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Hi guys, I recently bought a Ux1 and it works swimmingly except for the mixer settings keep getting forgotten after I close off Pod Farm or applications I use to record the input.


I have Windows XP, Monkey is all green, and have the Line6 ASIO as my default recording input.


When I first plugged my guitar in, the levels are in the -15db range but I want it in the -8db range and close to clipping at max. So I went to Pod Farm, and seeing that the mixer is already at max, set Send 1 to dry input, turned on +18 db and turned down the fader by 12 db.


That works well until I exit PodFarm, which resets the fader to 0db but  still keeps the +18db turned on which then clips the signal A LOT.


Visiting the built-in mixer in Windows, I set the recording input to a level that is good(half-way), but opening and closing applications like Reaper still resets  the level. The fader in the Windows mixer stays in the same half-way position but it acts like it's in full, until you move the fader a bit and then the input level snaps back to the real value.


Am I doing something wrong? And how should I go about to set the instrument input to a louder level? thanks guys!

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Are you saving your patch before you exit?


Also, most guitars should give plenty of dry signal to your DAW for reamping with a plug-in, it may look weak, but should have plenty of headroom.

I personally would not use the +18dB for recording unless you are having signal to noise issues.

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Tried saving an empty patch with only the mixer settings but it's still the same outcome. As long as I only use Pod Farm, the mixer settings are kept but as soon as I use something else, the settings get reset.


Do Line6's drivers really act this way to everbody? The mixer should really be in Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices instead of just in Pod Farm.

Wonder how my mics will sound in the UX1...

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I can possible test this behavior tonite.

But I do no the Input selections definitely resort to default and are not save to a patch and is normal behavior.

I use a blank patch panned hard L/R for a Line 1 and 2, if I close PF reselect Line1 and 2.


There is no mixer in the Line6 Audio-MIDI devices because without POD Farm all the UX can do is pass unprocessed signals to your DAW, it will not even pass it to the analog outs.

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